- Late 30's male
- Grew up in Vancouver BC Canada but now reside in Victoria BC
- Stay at home wife and two young toddlers at home
- Unemployed entrepreneur (by choice)
- Love to play badminton
- Debt free and always been. I hate borrowing money. I don't buy what I cant afford!
- Love great thriller/drama movies and hidden foreign gems
- Don't drink, smoke or take any recreational drugs
- Bad speller, typer
- Gadget freak (latest phones are a must)
- A lil OCD
- Candy addict and my teeth whats left of em will tell you the same
- Long Time MMA Fan. Pride never die!
- Favorite tv shows!! Game of Thrones, Mad Men, Survivor, Big Brother, Apprentice UK

Stock Strategy
- Sell the losers and keep the winners
- Maintain at least 95% in dividend stocks being growth or value
- Well diversified portfolio with a good balance of Canadian, American and international exposure
- My favorite holding period is forever
- Reinvest all Dividends

Goals of this blog
- Record new buys when they occur
- Update my portfolio page once a month
- Update Net worth once a month
- Provide Monthly Dividend Updates
- Interact with other bloggers
- Provide occasional hidden movie gems

   Goals 2014  
- learn how to blog !
- learn spreadsheets !
- read finance books listen to finance audiobooks !
- self manage and balance my portfolio !
- track expenses and cut down needless ones !
- sell all the crap I don't need and give/throw away the rest !
- Hire new accountant !
- Dress better !
- Continue my financial education!
- Maintain my 20 pound recent weight loss


  1. congrat from argentina!! a dividend grown investor too!!

  2. Can't believe I only just found your blog - always nice to see what other BC PF Bloggers are up to! Will be following along on your asset grinding journey!

  3. Nicely done! I am curious how do you plan to convert your asset base into a passive income stream you can live on? I took a similar path as yours to asset accumulation only to be clobbered in 2000 and 2008. I am now documenting my passive income journey on Freedom595.com You may find some interesting strategies that you could utilize.

    Good luck on your continued success,


  4. Have you ever thought of investing in CDN dividend companies but buying the US dollar symbol instead of the CDN one? EX: TD Bank TD on TSX or TD on NYSE? What about the 15% withholding tax on the US dividends? Do you get that back on your income tax?
    Have a good day and carry on...you are doing great.

  5. Hi there. Just would like to say thank for keeping open and honest conversation.
    It is very interesting to read an entrepreneur approach to financial independence. A lot of us have day jobs, so focus is not as sharp as yours.

  6. WOW!!!! Greats goal!!. May I know how much additional money are you putting into your portfolio each month?? I recently just started my dividend growth portfolio and my blog. It's not doing that well now since the overall market is down. However I am using this opportunity to purchase more dividend growth stocks. Please check out my blog at http://www.dividendgrowthbunny.com

  7. Very happy to find a Canadian like me that's show all this infos very helpfull to see somebody else numbers !!!!:))))

    Great job !!!

    I just started a blog (french) about financial freedom ( www.papa20piastres.com in french) and hope to be able next year to add my networth to my blog.

    I think i'm on th good path, vanguard etf's low cost ( 30-vcn, 50-vcx, 20-vab) but i will never stop learning about financial freedom there is so many option that i would love to add to my strategy to get there faster but one bite a the time i guest !

    Do yo have any suggestion for fi tools for canadian I can use ? (Taxes saving, budget etc...)

    Thanks again for sharing your tips and info !


  8. Are you still trading or active? Would love to chat about margin dividend trading mREITs

  9. Hi,

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