Saturday 31 May 2014

May 2014 Dividend and Monthly Report Update

May has been a busy month for me behind the computer with adding many new positions. After my buying frenzy past couple months I am almost fully invested into the market now with maybe like 7-10k left to invest in June. My strategy going forward will be slight adjustments to my portfolio and then re-investing all my dividends every month into new or more than likely current positions.

I am pleased by the progress of my blog as its still a work in progress. Only Started this May 9 so it has largely surpassed my expectations so far and its been a lot of fun. I would like to thank everyone that has dropped by and have given me support. If this page gets popular enough I may switch over from blogger to my own domain at some point but I will probably have to hire someone to make it all fancy and monetize it for me at that point. Till then no rush. Please bare with my spelling and grammatical errors as I did not do well in English at grade school!

My current plans for this blog is
-Monthly end dividend report, reporting increases and decreases
-Monthly end review
-Monthly net worth done around middle of every month
-Weekly purchases
-My current watchlists
-Occasional insight and ramblings
-Future give aways because everyone likes free stuff and its my way of giving back
  (Grats to freedom35 for winning the $10 Itunes giftcard on my first giveaway!)

May 2014 Dividends Paid
 22.50  - AX.UN Artis REIT      
 46.00 - CPG Crescent Point Energy
   8.80  - DOL  Dollarma
 28.00 - D.UN Dundee Reit
280.00 - AAPL Apple
105.00 - COS  Canadian Oil Sands
 22.50 - HR.UN  H&R REIT
 18.33 -SJR.B  Shaw Communications
$531.13 - TOTAL 

Total forward yearly projected dividend total is $14,364

May Dividend Notes - Most of my holdings was purchased this month and last so my dividend portfolio is not in full swing yet as I missed a few ex-div dates. A few of my monthly payers have showed up already and a big payout by APPL. No increases or decreases in dividends to report this month but I have a couple next month I believe. My dividend page has been updated to reflect this.

New Purchases and Portfolio Update- Couple days ago I purchased BCE Bce Inc. and GSK GlaxoKlineSmith. Both stocks I already owned but wanted to increase my holdings. Good yields on both but high payouts especially with BCE. I have a lil bit of a user bias with BCE since I use them for my cell phone and very pleased with them overall. My holdings page has been updated to reflect the new purchases. My next purchases should be geared toward more international stocks as I am lacking in that category for my diversification goals. Apple has had a huge run up this past month as it marches toward the 7-1 stock split on June 1. Current price is $633 or $90.42 after the split. I expect to see it hit $100 within next couple months once the new iphone is revealed. The Beats aquisition was a puzzling one but APPL had a hidden agenda to aquire their paid music streaming service and music power broker Jimmy Ivine to broker future music deals with record labels. I am rethinking my position in APPL as I may hold a little longer than expected to say where there future is going, hopefully with larger dividends and growth!

AAPL Apple Inc. 633.00 15.17 2.10 41.73 13.16
GSK GlaxoSmithKline PLC Common Stoc 53.94 15.31 4.70 3.52 2.56
BCE.TO BCE Inc 49.84 19.55 4.98 2.60 2.47

Net Worth Mini Update- As of right now I am a little bit down since last report of $2,102,732. A property tax bill came up for my Rental Property of $5600 so I had to pay that off as well as a few other bills. Also lost $2000+ on currency exchange from Canadian to American! Damn bastard banks. Since those transactions I read up on ways to negate such transaction costs by buying specific funds on the Canadian market and then transferring them into my US account and then selling them as soon as they transfer. The whole process takes a bout a week and the cost would be just $20 for the two trades and then the currency flucuation good or bad till it settles. Yes its a bit of work but might be well worth it on transactions over 50k. But this time I took the bath of the currency exchange which was like 2%+. Should coulda woulda is what I say to that!

Props to my favorite bloggers- Thanks for dropping by and making great content!

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Tuesday 27 May 2014

New Puchases May 27 ! $V $GSK $NVS $JNJ $COP $T $SU $THI $CNQ

New buys for May 27. Seven new positions and added to two!

THI Tim Hortons Inc - Canadian pride stock here. I actually think their donuts suck and I dont drink coffee lol. Time Hortons is a Canadian institution at this point. They have great growth and they are very busy at a great many of their locations. They have a 8 year dividend growth streak , 5 year avg of 23% dividend growth with a current payout ratio of 45% and a 2.16% Yield. Thanks to freedom 35 for turning me on to this stock as he won the $10 gift card prize I offered last week! Grats !

CNQ Canadian Natural Resources - Oil and natural gas stock here. 10 year dividend growth streak at 31% with a low payout ratio. 2.05% Yield.

SU Suncor Energy - Another Canadian Oil stock here. 10 year dividend growth rate at a whopping 31%. Well priced and poised to take off.

T Telus Corp - Canadian Telecom rooted firmly in the west. 10 year dividend growth streak of 24%. Payout ratio lil high at 75% but it delivers a 3.66% yield.

V Visa - Visa is worldwide and they are a cash machine. Debt is growing and will not stop ever. I have been in and out of the stock a few times all with good gains but this time I am holding long. The dividend is paltry at 0.8% but they have huge upside in potential dividend growth and stock price growth overall. 5 year dividend growth rate of 45% and looks to maintain that pace in the future as they have a very low payout right now of 19%. Hopefully in next couple years they can raise the payout to the 40-50% level and yield into the 3% range which they could very easily do now even. Once they do so I may look to increase my position with them.

COP ConocoPhillips - Added to my position here by doubling my shares from 70 to 140. Whats not to like from them. Good Yield 3.5% , good Payout ratio 44%, Great dividend growth 25 years at 10% for 25 years. Top stock that I will only increase my position in the future

JNJ Johnson and Johnson - Over doubled my position here. The staple of dividend growth stocks here. 51 years of dividend growth is truly amazing. A boring slow growth stock everybody should own and I just wanted more of it. I will probably be adding to this position more and more in the future as I love boring predictable stocks like JNJ!

NVS Novartis- A big Pharma stock outta Switzerland. I wanted to increase my international exposure and I really like Pharma stocks for this. The global demand for Pharma is only increasing year after year and NVS is a major player. Yield over 3%. payout at about 50% and on a 7 year dividend growth streak.

GSK GlaxoSmithKline - Another Pharma stock but outta the UK. High payout 75% but high yield at  4.7%. 25 year dividend growth rate at 12%.

- My buying frenzy is almost complete. About 20k left to invest. After that it will all be about dividend reinvestment and adding to my positions every few months

- I am looking toward more international stocks for my final purchases as of right now I am 56% American based, 35% Canadian based  and only 7% international. I would ultimately like to be in the 10-15% International range. I like to keep my American ratio high as many of the companies there are world wide conglomerates.

- Right now I am sitting  55 different holdings. It is starting to be quite a bit much. I originally wanted about 50 max so in the future I will be more looking into increasing positions i own instead of opening up new ones. So I am thinking Max 60 holdings for the next year is my goal.

- Will be updating my holdings page soon and i hope to have a more clear view there with break up of Canadian and American dollar stocks as well as more information. Should be done by end of the week as it takes time to complete everything without a spreadsheet cause I am clueless there!

- Dividend page will be updated weekly and will have historical totals and my Networth page will be updated monthly

- Thanks to everyone that has visited so far. This is my first blog so this is a work in progress. If anyone has any tips and suggestions for the blog or my portfolio dont be afraid to let me know here or email me at or twitter me up at @AssetGrinder. once I have more traffic here I will increase the number of giveaways! I think its fun to give back to everyone that have given so much to me in the form of blogs, sites and support. I believe in good vibes and this community is full of them. Thanks again all !!!!

-UPDATE- Holdings page now updated with Canada and US exchange breakdown

52-Wk Range
THI.TO Tim Hortons Inc 59.82 20.42 2.16 2.93 53.25 64.18
CNQ.TO Canadian Natural Resources Ltd 43.79 21.05 2.05 2.46 28.44 45.60
SU.TO Suncor Energy Inc 41.79 14.41 2.20 2.89 29.85 43.47
T.TO TELUS Corp 41.53 20.06 3.66 2.06 29.52 41.92
V Visa Inc. 214.09 25.33 0.80 8.45 170.99 235.5
COP ConocoPhillips Common Stock 78.79 10.72 3.50 7.35 58.71 78.95
JNJ Johnson & Johnson Common Stock 100.75 19.27 2.80 5.23 82.12 101.98
NVS Novartis AG Common Stock 90.04 22.97 3.00 3.92 67.67 90.43
GSK GlaxoSmithKline PLC Common Stoc 55.05 15.59 4.70 3.53 48.3 56.73

Wednesday 21 May 2014

GIVE AWAY and New buys May 21 = Buy $TD $AFL $CVX and Sell $GME

I am thinking of starting a little give away here. All you have to do is pitch me a great dividend growth stock! Pitch me in my comments and by my next purchase next week I will select a winner or two. Free $10 Itunes gift card up for grabs that I can email you the redemption code for. Special consideration given to Canadian stocks and stocks I do not hold currently. Also special consideration given to other  dividend growth stock bloggers as well.

Picked up 1 new stock AFL Aflac and added to my positions of TD td bank, CVX Chevron and sold GME Game Stop today.

AFL Aflac has great growth in the last 25 years consistently and a very low p/e right now of 9.63. The stock has not recovered from their 2008 levels yet but they are flirting with it. They do not have a very large yield of 2.4% but their dividend growth rate has been over 8% for the last 5 years with a very low payout ratio of 23%. I opened up a position of 100 shares and plan a long term hold.

TD TD bank is a bank I personally use so I have a bit of a bias. I enjoy their bank and I consider it the best in Canada after using multiple others. I really like their motto, their hours and banking experience . They have has great growth year after year and their 10 year dividend growth rate is 17% with a 49% payout ratio. I have increased my shares by 200 for a total of 300.

CVX Chevron is stock i previously owned but wanted a little bit more as I only added 20 shares for a total of 60. I was debating between Chevron or opening a new position on XOM Exxon but went with CVX cause of the small add.

GME Gamestop sold. Gme was an impulse buy and I am kicking myself, Suffered 10% loss in my portfolio and it lost me $300. I didnt want to hold onto it but I put that money toward my CVX buy instead.

I am looking to keep up the balance of my portfolio of between 30-35% Canadian stocks, 50-60% American companies and conglomerates with about 10-15% International stocks so these purchases somewhat reflect that. I am still looking to invest about 80k more into this market and should do so within the next few weeks. We are all prone to mistakes and I am kicking myself over the initial purchase of GME. It was stupid as well as my purchase of twitter earlier in this year. I have to learn from my own mistakes and I would like to follow a game plan of 95% dividend growth stocks strategy in the future going forward. It is easy to get sidetracked with such high flying stocks and caught up in the media hype. Part of the reason for this blog is for me to be accountable for my own actions and to think twice before hitting that trade button. I am very diligent when managing others portfolios and I quadruple guess myself when making stock selections however I do not often have the same discipline for myself. I am working on it!!!!!!!

Also my current watch list as follows MO TRP HSBC ACN NVS VIV PFE D KRFT LMT

52-Wk Range
GME Gamestop Corporation Common Sto 36.94 12.35 3.60 2.99 30.94 57.74
CVX Chevron Corporation Common Stoc 124.16 12.09 3.50 10.27 109.27 127.83
TD.TO Toronto-Dominion Bank 51.90 14.40 - 3.60 40.24 52.85
AFL AFLAC Incorporated Common Stock 62.17 9.63 2.40 6.46 54.02 67.62

Monday 19 May 2014

New Buys May 19!!! WMT, MCD, CL, CLX , IBM, TOT, CHL

So I picked up 7 new stocks today. Bought a few staples WMT MCD CL CLX IBM and a couple other International stocks CHL and TOT. I wanted to add a few more staple steady predictable stocks especially WMT. They are all dividend growth stocks with years of dividend growth. I wanted to get on some more emerging markets hence CHL and TOT. China Mobile has been flat for years but they are tops in China with a rapidly growing market especially for expensive smart phones with a 4.02% yield and 49% pay out ratio . TOT Is based out of France and has large stakes in Russian Energy sector. The beaten up emerging markets stock is poised for a return while paying a steady 4% yield and 51% payout ratio.

These 7 long hold acquisitions avg a 3.01% return and $1189 to my yearly forward dividends total and i have thus updated my holding on my holdings page.

52-Wk Range
TOT Total S.A. 71.25 12.45 4.70 5.72 46.79 73.52
IBM International Business Machines 186.84 12.77 2.40 14.63 172.19 211.98
CHL China Mobile Limited Common Sto 50.62 10.55 3.80 4.80 41.35 57.42
CLX Clorox Company (The) Common Sto 88.28 20.51 3.30 4.30 80.2 96.76
CL Colgate-Palmolive Company Commo 66.74 28.74 2.20 2.32 55.47 67.95
MCD McDonald's Corporation Common S 102.07 18.55 3.10 5.50 92.22 103.78
WMT Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Common St 76.70 15.84 2.50 4.84 71.51 81.37

Saturday 17 May 2014

First NET WORTH update May 17 2014

So here it is!! The big show show. The whole shebang ! Kind of daunting to put it out there where the world can see. I am a fairly conservative guy and I don't talk finances with anyone in my family. I know I am very fortunate to have what I have and it came with a heavy price. Most of my net worth came from being in the right place at the right time in primarily real estate. My net worth has suffered last few years due to nothing really coming in , a big tax man audit and took some time off to raise and care for my kids. I am pretty much unemployed by choice but i consider myself an entrepreneur always looking for an opportunity. I am now poised in a resurgence to get it going in the right direction again. I have taken steps to reduce my expenses, make all my money work for me, sell items I know longer need, constantly reading ways to increase my financial independence , attending some finance courses and most importantly getting my butt in gear. I don't really have a final goal to reach but I am not satisfied. I am hungry for more. I would like to see my my Net worth reach in the 5$ million mark in 10-15 years which I think is quite attainable if I hustle hard.

My thoughts on debt. As you can see I don't like it. I don't buy what I cant afford. In the past I would do almost anything to pay off any debt I ever occurred asap. I am not opposed to take on any debt in order for larger gains but I do not see that right big opportunity available right now to do that. I would consider taking out a mortgage on my house if a great property or business deal came up. If the equity market were to crash I would seriously consider buying equities on my margin account even but for now I will buy what i can afford at market price.

The older I get my focus on investing is changing to safer choices unlike my younger days where it was all risk. Too much to lose now and too much responsibility to my family so I must change my approach. I really took a liking to the dividend growth stock approach as it provides an income and future growth. I plan to reinvest at least 75% of my passive income yearly to keep the money machine going. In the past I have always been a market timer and big growth stock guy buying and selling. I have come to realize the equities I purchased and sold many moons ago have appreciated enormously and those small gains i made doing the quick flips do not add up to what I could of made. Time for a more disciplined approach of buy and hold!

I am heavily asset heavy on my home and looking to downsize once I see the right place but that could take a year or two. My investment ratio is only 43.4% of my net worth and I would like that number much higher and into the 60%+ range eventually and hopefully in the 70% plus range in a few years.

May 17 / 2014


Home 2014 assessed value                                      total:                  $1,190,000

-Equity Investments
Tax free saving account TFSA -           $32,666
Retirement saving plan RSP -              $94,796
Canadian margin account -                  $84,795
US margin account -                             $76,230
                                                                                   total:                   $288,487

-Other Investments
Warehouse Income property 2014 assessed value   total:                   $384,000

chequing account                                    $5,881
Business account                                  $134,289
Chequing , sold mutual funds   aprox    $100,075       
                                                                                   total:                   $240,245

                                                                    Grand Total Net Worth:             $2,102,732


Total investments and cash available     $912,732
Total non-income fixed assets  (home ) $1,190,000

Net worth Ratio
43.4% Investments and cash
56.6% Fixed Assets

  Investment Yields

-Warehouse commercial property Income 
after expenses aprox                                        Yield:  4.31%                 $16,560

-Equities 288,487                Average Forward Yield  : 3.52%                 $10,174  
                                          Grand Total Passive Forward Yearly Income :       $26,734


- I am looking to invest 100-134k of my cash in next month or two into equities.
- I am keeping about 75-120k for a business opportunity in a brewery start up.
- My net worth does not include my vehicles or personal belongings
- Not included is my wife's account where I have about 3-4 years of family living expenses in there and her own investment account
- Us dividends are subject to a 15% withholding tax but I did not adjust the dividends to Canadian currency so its close to a wash but still like minus 5-6%
- My home is somewhat underpriced by 100-150k but will use govt values for now
- My warehouse is somewhat overpriced by 10-15k but will use govt value

If anyone has any suggestions or comments for me just holla!

Thursday 15 May 2014

Random Updates May 15

- I have a meeting with my so called financial adviser tomorrow. I am primarily self directed but I have 100k with him in non registered account invested in 4 DFA mutual funds, Canadian core equity, US core equity, Intl core equity and global real estate. I am looking to get into more international and emerging markets so I am looking to rebalance. I am even considering dumping all my funds and replacing them with more dividend growth stocks. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

- Haven't checked my credit scores in years so i decided to get an equifax report. The result 764 !!! thought i would be in the 800,s.. grrrrrrr. Its still good but i want better. Main prob is I have no debt, no car loans, no mortgage to pay bills on. Well I guess that is a good problem to have.

- been looking to downsize my home. Home is worth about 1.35 million with no mortgage and i just have much too much equity in there not working for me. Thinking even if I downsize to place 900k to a million that would free up 300k to invest after fees. Tough call, Family loves the current house but you gotta do what you gotta do me thinks. Problem is my parents would be very against me selling and I dont want to tick them off too much as they are in the process of making a trust and will!

-Been looking into investing into a microbrewery and bottling startup. I have been burned on deals in the past but this time around I am doing my due diligence this time. Had 3 accountants , 2 lawyers  and multiple others check out the business plan and numbers back and forth. Minimum investment is 100k and its a forever hold pretty much. They hope to turn a profit in year 2 and years 2-5 outlook looks rosy. But who really knows really? The whole team is quite experienced as they own a couple other successful pubs/restaurants and I had good vibes from them. Its a tough call for me really. I like the business and if it hits i will be be looking at 20%+ returns for a long time. Gonna meet with my lawyer next week and run down the numbers, legalities and make the call then.

- I have been asked to manage my in laws finances. I have steered her in the right direction on a few real estate deals and she has alot of trust in me. To me its a big burden. She is 60 and has 200k in cash with little income. She wants the money to last. At first i sent her to a a couple of financial advisers but she did not trust them at all. I tried to steer her toward the fixed income route of gics and bonds but she wasn't impressed by the returns 2-3.5%. I informed her about dividend growth stocks and REITs which she is quite keen on the returns 5%+. I do not want to take her down that route without her learning more about all the investments. The current plan is 100% Canadian stocks -30% REITs - 30% Banks - 20% telecoms - 20% energy. All dividend stocks with avg yield goal 4.5-5%. Any thoughts from you guys would be greatly appreciated. I tend to be overly careful when dealing with others money much more so than my own cash. I prefer her to go a safer route with like a 60% bonds gic mix 40% dividend growth stocks/REITS with an overall 3.6-4.0% total yield but she is not happy with that return.

- Started the blog and everything is all new to me. So much to learn, getting around to things slowly as I have so much on the go. I have to focus on the direction I want to take the blog as I am just going with the flow in the meantime. Got my twitter up and running which was easy peasy.

- Money Sense Magazine ! So I took my kids to the library last week and they were milling about. I grabbed a few magazines and one was money sense. I read it from cover to cover.. Was my first time reading that publication, I found it quite interesting. Its a great Canadian perspective that covers all aspects of investing and taxation. I found it so useful i took out the last two years publications. I have since read half of them cover to cover and i just signed up for a 2 year print subscription. This is my first ever paid magazine subscription, also comes with free ebooks for my ipad. total cost was 48$ for 2 years which is pretty cheap.

- TD bank web broker service- I have been a long time e-trade user which later was absorbed by scotia bank Itrade. I was never really impressed by them and their research is awful and I relied more on public research than theirs. I then jumped over to TD web broker to get their 300 free trade promotion going at the time. Wow I am impressed, The research on equities is awesome. So easy to use and its my go too now. Also their customer service is awesome. Direct help, no holding times and very helpful. I have made 4 calls to the help line and all were handled better than expected. TD also does free investing seminars at their busier locations which I appreciate.

- Gotta go my wifey is upset I spend so much time on the computer lately

Saturday 10 May 2014

Goals of this blog

My goals of this blog
Thanks for dropping by! I am A Canadian guy in my late thirties and just starting blogging. My main page focus will be on dividend growth stocks. On this blog I will share

- My stock portfolio updated weekly
- My net worth updated monthly
- My Dividend income updated weekly
- Give weekly updates
- Share a little about myself
- Share my purchases and watchlists

You guys can also follow me on twitter @AssetGrinder