Saturday 31 January 2015

January 2015 Dividends , Options , Adsense and Interest Monthly Report

 Another consistent month for dividend paying stocks. A few of my oil stocks have cut their dividends down but it is as expected and did not really make a dent.

Options activity really picked up. I am at my highest Premium month ever with over $3,300. This consisted of playing Apple puts. I sold weekly puts and they all expired worthless as Apple stock rose upwards. Just wished I played it even more lol, but nobody has a crystal ball and I should be happy for the premiums I received.

Interest paid out was a bit higher but it consisted of lat month when I borrowed 100k on margin to make an Apple stock flip for a couple thousand in profit.

Adsense activity is up a but from 2 good days primarily and pageviews are an improvement from last month.

December 2014 Dividends Paid
        Monthly payers
 86.63  - HR.UN HR Reit
232.65 - AX.UN Artis Reit
177.33 - D.UN Dream Office Reit
133.34 - DRG.UN Dream Global Reit
 94.36 - REI.UN RioCan Reit
123.75 - RMM.UN Retrocom Reit
105.00 - BTB.UN BTB Reit
  80.50 - CPG Crescent Point Energy
 18.33 - SJR.B Shaw Communications
 25.70 - ENF Enbridge Income fund
 18.17 - CJR.B Corus Entertainment
 20.00 - BTE Baytex Energy
   Quarterly Payers
  80.00 - T Telus Corp
  61.76 - RCI.B Rogers Communications
 30.00 - HSE Husky Energy
 22.50 - CNQ Canadian Nat Resources
135.85 - BCE BCE Inc.
 37.22 - AGU Agrium
113.30 - CIBC CIBC Bank
 66.00 - BNS Bank of Nova Scotia
 26.40 - TRP TransCanada
 41.16 - KMB Kimberly Clark
 41.27 - PEP Pepsico
 40.25 - GE General Electric
 32.27 - BAX Baxter
 40.80 - WMT Walmart
 36.90 - TOT Total SA ADR
 63.81 - PM Philip Morris
 38.56 - DOW Dow Chemical
122.60 - GSK GlaxoSmithKline

$2,146.41 - TOTAL

Total options premiums in December
 Options Notes -
- Playing Apple with selling puts aggressively before earnings, was easy money this month.

Total interest paid for margin for January

Adsense for my blog in December $19.50
- 12,321 : Pageviews for January
- 20 : Number of ad clicks

2015 Running Dividend Total                 $2,146.41
2015 Running Interest Total                      $517.21
2015 Running Option premiums total   $3,305.92
2015 Running Adsense total                        $19.50

2015 Breakdown   Dividends     Options       Interest      Adsense
- January                $2,146.41     $3,305.92     $517.21      $19.50

2014 Breakdown   Dividends     Options       Interest      Adsense
- December           $2,268.05       $657.49     $396.00        $16.17
- November          $2,182.56       $616.81      $501.82        $10.86
- October               $2,499.87    $2,167.48     $538.20
- September           $2,088.65     $1,518.76     $318.73
 - August                $1,482.38                           $87.79
 - July                     $1,239.74
 - June                       $608.62
 - May                       $531.13
TOTALS  2014       $13,291.20    $4,960.54   $1,842.54     $27.03


  1. Wow, your killing it AG. Hey I was wondering how you post to twitter ? Do you manually update it or is there something that can autopost for you ? Thanks

    1. Just above your post there is a bar with social sites on it, Click on the twitter marked T and it will confirm your tweet. Thanks for the kind words!

  2. AG,

    Your snowball is a full blown AVALANCHE! Holy shit those are some insane numbers. Inspiring as always.


    1. I am just trying to keep up to u buddy! Good day and Grind On week after week like u do!

  3. Nice month!

    I recently put Ad Sense on my blog and have earned a whooping $2.62! Early retirement here we come!

    Keep up the good work!

    cheers, AA

    1. Lol I am not much better at under $20. I might just donate my adsense earnings eventually.

  4. Asset-Grinder,

    That is some serious cash coming in with dividends and option premiums. Congrats on both of those sources of income. Who do you use as a broker?

    1. I use TD . They have good tools but their fees are quite high. I pay $10 a trade and often between $12-25 for option trades. Its adding up. I am looking to make the move to interactive brokers and try it out for a bit with a small 10k investment to test drive the platform. If its good I will transfer my whole account there. Interactive brokers have the lowest margin rates as well which is a huge plus on top of lower trading fees.

  5. AG
    Thanks for keeping us motivated with your updates bud. That's an Awesome January.!!
    Love it. Love it. Love it. I just love seeing other money makers. Law of attraction.
    Thank you for sharing this awesome journey with us dividend growers.

    1. Anytime buddy. Hope all goes well with your site. It is lookin good and about 5x better than mine already lol

  6. AG,

    Yet another solid month in the books, great job! If I made these numbers, I'd be able to retire tomorrow. :)
    Thank you for sharing.

    Keep it up,

  7. Crazy good :) Keep it the great work.

  8. Rockin' right out of the gate AG! Playing AAPL has worked out pretty well for you so far given its regular fluctuations. Here's to seeing this level of production for the duration of this year!

    1. Apple is on a good upwrd trend so all my puts have been expiring worthless which I dont mind lol.

  9. You are killing it with those dividends and options. Way to go buddy. Keep up the great work

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  11. These are good looking numbers. Keep it up! :)

    1. Wil do, Just trying to go in the right direction

  12. While the dividends coming in are impressive the options premiums really got my mouth watering. Is it a wash because of the interest you had to pay? I still want to get into options whether covered call writing or writing puts to buy into positions I won't mind owning. Either way that was a stellar options month. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Interest is relatively low. My interest in mainly from my Canadian account holding my reits. I really like playing the options and starting to get the swing of it. Great way to pump your income up. Worst case scenario I own a stock I like at a good price level.

  13. January is typically the slowest month of the year. 2k income is excellent. Looking forward to seeing later months.

    1. I have no idea how this year will turn out. Hopefully higher!

  14. Great looking net worth update. Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. What do you think of AdSense so far? How many spots do you have? I'm thinking of implementing it myself.

    1. adsense is alright. Hey I am not getting rich off of it at $20 a month lol. I got 3 spots and lucky if I get a click a day lol. If I was full time writer like dividend mantra and getting over 1k a month I would be pretty happy. But for now I will give an uodate here and there and hope for the best with my sub par writing skills. I swear my simple posts take forever to do. Heck I still look down at the keyboard when I type!

  16. I'm always impressed with the ways you can generate more income every month. I'd love to get into the more aggressive income generating strategies like you, but it's hard with only a part-time intern job as a safety net. Keep grinding away, I'm definitely learning a lot from you!


    1. Please take your time to do your own research when it comes to income generating. I by no means label myself an expert. I dont mind trying new things even if I fail. I try to learn from my mistakes and others as well.

      Just keep an open mind when it comes to investing.

  17. January was a great month for premium sellers with the heightened volatility. I am hoping the volatility will remain elevated through out 2015 as fattens up those premiums. Got to love the Theta decay.

    Why sell weekly options vs standard monthly options? Do you think the Gamma risk is worth it? What kind of probability of expiring out of the money do you aim for when you are selling options?

    I tend to stick to about 80% of my premium sales on index ETF's. It takes out a lot of binary event risk associated with individual equities.

    Do you also sell calls against your equity positions?


    1. When stocks seem lofty I will write an out of the money covered call on them with a time frame of 1-3 weeks.

      When I anticipate a stock to still rise like apple I sell puts at a few dollars below the current asking price. Usually just weekly puts at that point. If I want to own the stock I will let myself get called at certain prices and then right away write weekly covered calls on them for a few dollars on top. If I am about to get called on my puts and dont want to own I will buy back the put and rewrite for the following week and a lower price point but somewhere where I still can make a few extra bucks.

      The VIX index has been all over the map lately and when its high the juicy premiums come into place.Sometimes its just not worth the risk

      When writing out of the money calls I aim for about a 5% pop. Sorry If i didnt answer all your questions.

  18. Wow - the amount you are making is insane!