Monday 5 January 2015

December 2014 Dividend , Options , Adsense and Interest monthly report

 The whirlwind of the holiday season is finally over. Thank god, I hate traveling and visiting people really. I don't like much company. I like things dull and predictable! I especially big dividend and options paying months!

Stocks have been very volatile still with big swings up and down as my portfolio has been buncing around.

My monthly dividend payers have been doing the heavy lifting. One of my Reits Cominar CUF.un had  a double payment this month. Also this is my last Tim Hortons dividend as the stock has been absorbed into burger king. I took the option of a partial share switch over into their new merger holding QSR but mainly I got paid out in cash to pay down my margin.

Options activity was steady but nothing spectacular with just a few apple put options.

Adsense was up since it was its first full month. My total pageviews were down as I have not been very active during this month.

On a personal note. My dad is not in the best shape still and is in line for a quintuple bypass. He is being very stubborn and is not quitting his over drinking of homemade wine and moonshine. Also his rich diet of salty foods, red meat , high fat and sugar diet is not helping. I have tried to get him to change his ways by hiding the alcohol and grocery shopping for him but he is not very compliant. Its like he is basically giving up without trying which is disappointing. If he continues his bad habits a heart attack or stroke could happen any day now.

One good thing coming of this is his finances. He just sold one of his houses and is giving me money to buy another house to have in my name as an inheritance as an income property. I personally dont want another rental property but I cant convince him I rather have money in equities. He wont even let me buy a commercial property which I would rather have. It has to be a house close to me and no older than 15 years old. So I don't have much say how I will receive my inheritance but it is greatly appreciated regardless. I did buy him a new big screen tv for chirstmas as a gift in return to show my gratitude.

So I have been house hunting for the last two months and pretty much seen the entire market in my area. I found a place I could feel comfortable to live in if I decide to sell my current house. I will keep both places as long as my father is alive and respect his wishes. After that I will more than likely sell my current home and move into this new cheaper one to free up equity. This also brings up a conundrum since I am holding so many REITS in my portfolio. Either I unload them to pay off my margin and take a 10% hit on them or keep them and pay off my margin slowly. Haven't decided what to do yet but I think I will wind up doing something in the middle with a partial sell.

Details of my home purchase and a 2014 year end review post will be coming soon.

Happy New year to all and hope the markets soar in 2015!

December 2014 Dividends Paid
        Monthly payers
 86.63  - HR.UN HR Reit
232.65 - AX.UN Artis Reit
177.33 - D.UN Dream Office Reit
133.34 - DRG.UN Dream Global Reit
 94.36 - REI.UN RioCan Reit
367.50 - CUF.UN Cominar Reit
123.75 - RMM.UN Retrocom Reit
105.00 - BTB.UN BTB Reit
  80.50 - CPG Crescent Point Energy
 18.33 - SJR.B Shaw Communications
 25.70 - ENF Enbridge Income fund
 18.17 - CJR.B Corus Entertainment
   Quarterly Payers
 96.00 - FTS Fortis
 35.00 - ENB Enbridge
 32.00 - THI Tim Hortons
 33.60 - SU Suncor
 86.87 - COP ConocoPhillips
 33.15 - AFL Aflac
 16.32 - V Visa
 83.30 - JNJ Johnson & Johnson
 23.37 - IBM IBM
 32.64 - EMR Emerson Electric
 44.12 - UL Unilever
 23.97 - DD Dupont
 36.12 - MCD Mcdonalds
 19.63 - QCOM Qualcomm
 64.80 - BP BP
 59.22 - RDS.B Royal Dutch Shell
 84.68 - IDV Ishares INTL Select Div ETF
$2,268.05 - TOTAL

Total option premiums in December
 Options Notes -
- Playing Apple a bit with puts that have expired worthless

Total interest paid towards margin for December

Adsense for my blog in December
- 11,316 : Pageviews for December
- 14 : Number of ad clicks

2014 Running Dividend Total              $13,291.20
2014 Running Interest Total                   $1,842.54
2014 Running Option premiums total   $4,960.54
2014 Running Adsense total                        $27.03

2014 Breakdown    Dividends     Options       Interest      Adsense
- December           $2,268.05       $657.49     $396.00        $16.17
- November          $2,182.56       $616.81      $501.82        $10.86
- October               $2,499.87    $2,167.48     $538.20
- September           $2,088.65     $1,518.76     $318.73
 - August                $1,482.38                           $87.79
 - July                     $1,239.74
 - June                       $608.62
 - May                       $531.13
TOTALS  2014       $13,291.20    $4,960.54   $1,842.54     $27.03


  1. Asset-Grinder,

    Really impressive 2014 annual dividend total $13,291. Hopefully in a couple year the Cash Accumulators will have similar results like yourself. Great job with implementing Adsense it will be fun to watch how the income from the site progresses.

    Sorry to hear about your dad, hopefully he will change his mind set for the better throughout 2015.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Mr. Captain Cash

    1. thanks for droppin by. All the best to u in 2015

  2. AG,

    I'm sorry to hear about your dad. Hopefully he decides to ease on the booze and unhealthy foods soon. How long is the waiting time for the bypass?

    You had a great month again. Congrats on the huge income!

    Keep it up,
    All the best for 2015,

    1. He is 14th on the waitlist. He is a very stubborn man. Dont think he will change his ways.

    2. Let's hope they get a move on then!

  3. Sorry to hear about your dad, hopefully he'll come to the realization and change his unhealthy lifestyle soon.

    You have a very impressive dividend income for 2014. I'm sure 2015 will look even better. House hunting is stressful, went through that last year and I'm glad we don't have to do that any time soon.

    1. I dont mind house hunting really. Some days i looked at 8-9 places. Everyone says I should be a realtor cause I tend to over analyze everything and have good estimates. Maybe I will do the course for fun. We will see.

  4. Wow...that dividend income is fantastic, A-G. Congrats on the achievement and your annual income is phenomenal. Keep it up.

    Sorry about your father. i can understand. My father had a heart attack a few years ago and had a quadruple bypass surgery. Since then, he still hasnt changed much his eating habits. Stubborn just like your dad, I suppose. Best wishes to you and the family.


    1. Did your dad get much better after the surgery? Hope all is well with u in the new year buddy.

  5. A-G,

    Sorry to hear about what's going on with your father. I guess sometimes you just have to live how you want, especially when you're older. I suppose if you gave me a choice of living until 100 on a diet of broccoli and asparagus or a lifetime of 75 years on a diet more to my preference, I would choose the latter. :)

    Congrats on the massive 2014. Over $13k in dividend income is just nuts. Keep up the great work!!

    Best regards.

    1. Thanks buddy. Yah it is his choice. People want what they want, Cant stop them!

  6. AG,

    I think that as people get older, they want to live life on their terms. This can be frustrating for both them and for the family who really cares about them. Best wishes for you guys!


    1. Yes very frustrating. They wont even let me get a caretaker for them to come help a day or two in the week.

  7. As we get older it becomes difficult seeing your parents become frail and in need of medical help/attention. We are one of the first generations to have to care for elderly parents. Decades ago children never had to worry about parents as life expectancy was much less. Hopefully with persistence you can convince, in baby steps, you father to walk down a healthier path. Suddenly, dividend income, real estate and the like seem a lot more trivial.

    1. Always good to take a step back and realize what is important.

  8. Everything in life is about balance, just communicate that to him. Three days eating healthy, and two days to eat as he pleases, maybe he will agree to that. The dividend income is pretty impressive, I see you have a big profit on the yearly options compared to interest fees. Do you always have an up year, or is it based off market timing with luck?

    1. This is the first year I have been aggressive with options. Always in the past I would dabble here and there. Kinda been an experiment this year playing apple options. Current strategy is buying weekly puts, If I am about to get called on them I will buy them back and write one for next week to offset the loss into a gain. If the stock gets cheap enough I just let it get called and then I will turn it around and write aggressive covered calls.

  9. Old habits die hard. I hope the best for your Dad.

    Killer year and month, well done AG!!!!!

    Thanks for the blog support as well, I enjoy your visits.

    Stay in touch and happy investing for 2015!

    1. Thanks for the kind words buddy! all the best to you and your rsp and tfsa this year u fellow canuck!

  10. Your income is looking good! Can't wait for your home purchase post.

    1. Should be up in a couple days, Thanks for dropping by.

  11. AG, your monthly income is rocking! And are you more focused on paying down your margin from the REIT purchases or are you still going to be making new purchases in other stocks? Also, congrats on the Adsense! Mine is pretty new as well, and so far its made a little bit but not enough to have cashed out yet.

    Best of luck

    1. Right now I want to pay my margin down. Until I see something tasty lol.