Friday 7 November 2014

New Buy CJR.B Corus Entertainment and added more CPG Crescent point energy

 Couple of recent buys of late

Corus Entertainment group and Crescent point energy.

Corus Entertainment group is a 1.7 billion dollar company that operates radio and television programs. They have had a 5 year dividend growth rate of 6.72% and their current dividend is yielding 5.2%. It is a company that was previously on my watch list and just recently it has taken a large dip in which I have initiated a position on it. They currently have a 12 p/e ratio. Its a sector I am not really in so I thought what the hell lets get in there.

Crescent Point has taken a beating lately with crashing oil prices. My portfolio already has quite a bit of oil dependent stocks but I did a small add at these levels especially with a juicy 7.65% dividend monthly payer that has been consistent for 20 years. A bit of a gamble here but I like the company!


Corus Entertainment Inc

(Toronto: CJR-B.TO)
Last Trade:20.89 Day's Range20.75 - 21.00
Trade Time:11:49am EST 52wk Range:20.08 - 26.05
Change: down-0.09 (-0.43%) Volume:69,022
Prev Close:20.98 Avg Vol (3m):171,410
Open:21.00 Market Cap:1.79B
Bid:20.88 x N/A P/E (ttm):11.80
Ask:20.89 x N/A EPS (ttm):1.76
1Y Target Est:N/A Div & Yield:N/A (N/A)
Quotes delayed, except where indicated otherwise. CJR-B.TO currency is CAD.
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Crescent Point Energy Corp

(Toronto: CPG.TO)
Last Trade:37.16 Day's Range36.20 - 37.18
Trade Time:11:49am EST 52wk Range:33.57 - 48.68
Change: up+1.06 (+2.94%) Volume:780,896
Prev Close:36.10 Avg Vol (3m):1,631,930
Open:36.49 Market Cap:15.68B
Bid:37.15 x N/A P/E (ttm):72.86
Ask:37.16 x N/A EPS (ttm):0.51
1Y Target Est:N/A Div & Yield:N/A (N/A)
Similar CompaniesBG.L KMGA.L 0883.HK TLW.L CNQ.MX
Quotes delayed, except where indicated otherwise. CPG.TO currency is CAD.
Chart showing the development of {0:name}

I dont anticipate too many buys in the coming months and will be paying down my margin account instead. I will however continue some swing trades with Apple via options in the meantime. I had a small AliBaba position which I will be exiting as my covered call will be executed soon for a small gain.


In other news my diet has begun and I am in Halloween candy withdraw. It pains me but I must keep strong. Since we are on the topic of charts, here is my weight chart since March

As you can see my weight is slowly creeping back up since my strict smoothie fast. My diet was much better before and still kept off 10 pounds but the momentum of this chart is not looking good. My moving day average and technical indicator if this was a stock chart shows bearish indicators lol.

I must shakeup the system and get back on track. So for the next while I will be doing a breakfast and lunch smoothie about (300 calories consisting of fruit , vegetables, yogurt and protein powder and a normal sized dinner. My in between meal snacks will be different tho and out goes the candy and junk food and replaced with nuts, granola and fruit. Wish me luck as I am feeling very weak as we speak lol. Must have candy!!..........

For those wondering how I track my weight I use a wifi enabled scale at home that shoot info over to my apple devices or web based viewing. I find it helpful to monitor.


  1. Interesting buys, A-G. I see CJR quite a bit on a lot of lists, but havent really followed it closely - I need to research taht business to figure what they do and understand their market a bit more. I used to own CPG a few years ago and exited after I made some great profit on the company.

    Cool visual on the weight tracking and sorry to hear that you arent meeting your goals. Best wishes in getting that under control. Have a great weekend.


    1. R u calling me fat lol! If i dont lose any weight this month then I will admit I am a fatty!!!! CPG has been bouncing around a lot lately, it was grab that or COS Canadian Oil Sands which is equally volatile.

  2. I bought CJR.B a few months back and so far it's on the negative side. I might consider buying more in the future. If I had to pick I'd rather buy DIS than CJR.B if I have some capitals in the RRSP account.

    Really high tech that you can track your weigh on a wifi enabled scale. Have you heard of Whole30 before? If not you might want to look into that. We've done 2 Whole30 programs so far and lost about 10 lbs.

    1. I will look into whole 30 for sure, thanks. I dont have a problem really sticking with it, its just my lifes joy of eating candy is compromised lol. I have been waiting on the new withings wifi scale to upgrade my 4 year old one, the last one enabled air quality monitoring which I like but I dont want to buy it now cause there is a new one due any minute lol!

  3. That's the way to go. slim down for the beach season and don't care the rest of the year...! In all seriousness, it's hard to keep a constant weight throughout the year but tracking it is a good way to be on top of it!

    As for your recent investment, I am also tracking Corus but did not pull the trigger yet. I am also looking to add an oil ticker to my portfolio with the recent drop. As I doubt oil will reboud quickly, I am looking to add a bigger/stronger company; either Baytex or Suncor

    1. Love suncor, Just wish the yield was a bit higher. they prb the highest quality oil stock in Canada right now.

  4. very nice tank u

  5. Heh, like a bear stocking up for winter :P

    Interesting buy with Corus. Do you see it as a potential target for being taken over as well?

    1. Not sure about the takeover but def a beat up stock right now as its more of a value play for me