Friday 14 November 2014

$2,160,878 My Net Worth Update October 2014

My Net Worth Update November 2014

    November 14 / 2014  : Updated every mid month


Home 2014 assessed value                                  total                 $1,190,000

-Equity Investments
Tax free saving account TFSA -                 $33,871
Retirement saving plan RSP -                  $121,433
Canadian margin account -                      $305,314
US margin account ( Ex Rate 1.135)-      $214,437
margin available $129,749
                                             Total equity    $496,323
                                                                               total:                 $675,055

-Rental Property
Warehouse Income Property 2014 assessed value
                                                                               total:                 $384,000
-Start Up Company
Brewery start up share value
                                                                               total:                   $85,000

Checking account                                        $1,150
Business account                                        $4,405
                                                                               total:                    $5,555

                                                                        Assets total :          $2,339,610

US margin account   
(margin rate 3.75%) 
CDN margin account
(margin rate 3.00%)
                                                                           Liabilities total :        $178,732
                 August 2014 Grand Total Net Worth:      $2,160,878

                                     Gain/loss from last month + $49,867

Oct.     2014 : $2,111,011 Details Link  - $28,473
Sept.    2014 : $2,139,484 Details Link + $13,390
August 2014: $2,126,094 Details Link + $14,613
July    2014  : $2,111,481 Details Link  + $5,584
June    2014 : $2,105,897 Details Link   + $3,165
May    2014 : $2,102,732 Details Link

 In Summary-

Crazy swing from last month when my net worth went down $28,473 and now up $49,867 this month. Pretty much when I made my last report it was the market bottom and it has roared back since. Apple has continued to be my strongest stock hitting new highs. Also I have been playing weekly Apple options where I made some quick bucks here and there and will continue to do so in the next month as well. Only laggard in my portfolio is energy stocks as they continue their decline with cheap oil. I wouldn't mind throwing a few bucks in oil futures but I have a significant portion of my Canadian portfolio already in oil so I am tentative to do so right now but If we start seeing $60 dollar oil prices then I will probably make a big move into getting some more.

So my stock strategy right now is just to pay down my margin accounts from dividends and options premiums and play apple a lil bit and try to hold off buying anything else until the new year or big opportunities exist.

In other news not too much else is going on. The brewery hit a few timing snags and looks like it wont be pouring beer until February with some equipment delays but things are coming along nicely there.

In real estate news I have been looking at quite a few different segments, Looked at a few apartment buildings as my cousin wants to partner up and buy one. Its a big commitment and checking into things with him. Also been looking at building lots in my area and there is not much out there right now.

Hopefully next month will be another green one leading into the new year.

Here is a 9 second video of my baby boy who takes a fall dancing his butt off! Turn up the volume and hear his head crack against the floor. Don't worry he is OK!

So is your guys portfolios at new highs as well?


  1. Awesome month with almost 50k increase. Wow! Good luck with the AAPL plays and the possible apartment building. You are building quite an empire! :)

  2. Thanks buddy. So close to 50k month but just a smidge short. No worries tho. Owning an apartment building will be a tough one to manage and it will involve much more work. Cant imagine dealing with 20+ tenants lol!

  3. AG,

    Your APPL options are really looking good. I am really glad that is paying off big for you. Keep making bold moves my friend!


    1. APPL premiums were very juicy last few months but now they are thinning out. I plan on trading them until q2 in 2015 hopefully.

  4. Great progress, almost a $50k increase which is very impressive. AAPL is definitely treating you well. :)

    1. Maybe I will spend 50k on hot tub time machine and go back to the last crash and double down lol

  5. Nice month AssetGrinder! Wow...almost $50k in one month! Your compounding at a rediculous rate...can't wait to see our portfolio grow like that. And it looks like you're well divserfied through investments accounts, real estate, and a start up business.

    Well done my friend...keep it up! AFFJ

  6. $50k! Dude, awesome! After last month's small dip your net worth keeps growing leaps and bounds.

    Keep it up, pal!

    1. Hopefully the dips r limited! Cant be afraid to see a lil blood once in a while

  7. That is one heck of a portfolio you've got going Asset Grinder! Love the diversity as well - I'm 100% stocks, as my portfolio is far smaller (not much more than the size of your monthly increase!), and I'm sticking to what I know (and enjoy) to try and accelerate that portfolio growth. Would love to say my portfolio is at all time highs, but have been delving into a few turnaround situations in the mining services sector which might need a little more time to pay off :)

    Brewery start-up sounds interesting - is this a purely financial investment or more of a 'fun' investment?



    1. Brewery is more of a financial speculative risk. It an undeserved market and I like the team behind it. Good potential of some long term profits or potential buy out

  8. Geez, always impressive to read this! Well done! Glad the lil' guy is OK after the dance-off.


    1. Lil guy loves to dance his butt off but he tends to take off his pants before dancing.

  9. AG,
    You made more money in a single month than I did in my last two years of employment. lol. Your what I call a baller and I hope to get to that point in my life. You take risks and are always trying to make money. Keep it up and your starting to rub off on me because I am looking for a real estate investment as well. I'll keep grinding!

    1. Thanks for the words. Just trying to make a dollar where I can without breaking my back for it working for the man lol!

  10. Nice going, AG. Thats a crazy jump on the increase from last month. Shows how much things change once the net worth goes into the 7 figures.

    Congrats on a great month. Keep it up!


    1. scary when you see equity portfolios go up and down 10k in a day .. yikes!!!

  11. Congratulations are an inspiration!
    I'm maintaining a list of top net worth bloggers and top dividend bloggers. You are number#1 on my net worth list and #6 on dividend income.

    Link -

    best, MDD

  12. Yo!

    Just updated the Blogger Net Worth Tracker and you're still @ #1!

    Keep on hustlin' brotha :)

  13. Venture into an apartment business. Im sure it will double the money you invested.