Tuesday 27 May 2014

New Puchases May 27 ! $V $GSK $NVS $JNJ $COP $T $SU $THI $CNQ

New buys for May 27. Seven new positions and added to two!

THI Tim Hortons Inc - Canadian pride stock here. I actually think their donuts suck and I dont drink coffee lol. Time Hortons is a Canadian institution at this point. They have great growth and they are very busy at a great many of their locations. They have a 8 year dividend growth streak , 5 year avg of 23% dividend growth with a current payout ratio of 45% and a 2.16% Yield. Thanks to freedom 35 for turning me on to this stock as he won the $10 gift card prize I offered last week! Grats !

CNQ Canadian Natural Resources - Oil and natural gas stock here. 10 year dividend growth streak at 31% with a low payout ratio. 2.05% Yield.

SU Suncor Energy - Another Canadian Oil stock here. 10 year dividend growth rate at a whopping 31%. Well priced and poised to take off.

T Telus Corp - Canadian Telecom rooted firmly in the west. 10 year dividend growth streak of 24%. Payout ratio lil high at 75% but it delivers a 3.66% yield.

V Visa - Visa is worldwide and they are a cash machine. Debt is growing and will not stop ever. I have been in and out of the stock a few times all with good gains but this time I am holding long. The dividend is paltry at 0.8% but they have huge upside in potential dividend growth and stock price growth overall. 5 year dividend growth rate of 45% and looks to maintain that pace in the future as they have a very low payout right now of 19%. Hopefully in next couple years they can raise the payout to the 40-50% level and yield into the 3% range which they could very easily do now even. Once they do so I may look to increase my position with them.

COP ConocoPhillips - Added to my position here by doubling my shares from 70 to 140. Whats not to like from them. Good Yield 3.5% , good Payout ratio 44%, Great dividend growth 25 years at 10% for 25 years. Top stock that I will only increase my position in the future

JNJ Johnson and Johnson - Over doubled my position here. The staple of dividend growth stocks here. 51 years of dividend growth is truly amazing. A boring slow growth stock everybody should own and I just wanted more of it. I will probably be adding to this position more and more in the future as I love boring predictable stocks like JNJ!

NVS Novartis- A big Pharma stock outta Switzerland. I wanted to increase my international exposure and I really like Pharma stocks for this. The global demand for Pharma is only increasing year after year and NVS is a major player. Yield over 3%. payout at about 50% and on a 7 year dividend growth streak.

GSK GlaxoSmithKline - Another Pharma stock but outta the UK. High payout 75% but high yield at  4.7%. 25 year dividend growth rate at 12%.

- My buying frenzy is almost complete. About 20k left to invest. After that it will all be about dividend reinvestment and adding to my positions every few months

- I am looking toward more international stocks for my final purchases as of right now I am 56% American based, 35% Canadian based  and only 7% international. I would ultimately like to be in the 10-15% International range. I like to keep my American ratio high as many of the companies there are world wide conglomerates.

- Right now I am sitting  55 different holdings. It is starting to be quite a bit much. I originally wanted about 50 max so in the future I will be more looking into increasing positions i own instead of opening up new ones. So I am thinking Max 60 holdings for the next year is my goal.

- Will be updating my holdings page soon and i hope to have a more clear view there with break up of Canadian and American dollar stocks as well as more information. Should be done by end of the week as it takes time to complete everything without a spreadsheet cause I am clueless there!

- Dividend page will be updated weekly and will have historical totals and my Networth page will be updated monthly

- Thanks to everyone that has visited so far. This is my first blog so this is a work in progress. If anyone has any tips and suggestions for the blog or my portfolio dont be afraid to let me know here or email me at nendo11@gmail.com or twitter me up at @AssetGrinder. once I have more traffic here I will increase the number of giveaways! I think its fun to give back to everyone that have given so much to me in the form of blogs, sites and support. I believe in good vibes and this community is full of them. Thanks again all !!!!

-UPDATE- Holdings page now updated with Canada and US exchange breakdown

52-Wk Range
THI.TO Tim Hortons Inc 59.82 20.42 2.16 2.93 53.25 64.18
CNQ.TO Canadian Natural Resources Ltd 43.79 21.05 2.05 2.46 28.44 45.60
SU.TO Suncor Energy Inc 41.79 14.41 2.20 2.89 29.85 43.47
T.TO TELUS Corp 41.53 20.06 3.66 2.06 29.52 41.92
V Visa Inc. 214.09 25.33 0.80 8.45 170.99 235.5
COP ConocoPhillips Common Stock 78.79 10.72 3.50 7.35 58.71 78.95
JNJ Johnson & Johnson Common Stock 100.75 19.27 2.80 5.23 82.12 101.98
NVS Novartis AG Common Stock 90.04 22.97 3.00 3.92 67.67 90.43
GSK GlaxoSmithKline PLC Common Stoc 55.05 15.59 4.70 3.53 48.3 56.73


  1. AG,

    Wow! You have been busy. Keep the buys coming. I will probably convert my mutual funds to individual stocks after the first of the year. I want defer the taxes as long as possible.


  2. Thanks for dropping by MDP! I debated holding onto my mutual funds cause I had to pay capital gains on them as well. But just holding them kept me up at night. For a self directed type of guy I am they were not the best fit for me and I pulled the trigger. I feel much less restricted and a weight removed. I rather lose my own money with no MERs than someone else do it for me lol.

  3. Wow. Buying frenzy is an understatement. Never seen so many single purchases made at once. I was thinking about adding COP myself. I have 0 energy in my portfolio and was looking to add that one. Not that I'm against energy, I have owned BP TOT & CVX in the past and all did well. Regarding the number of holdings you have I think I agree that 50+ is a bit much. I think 60 is overkill. No need to be spread that thin. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yah 50+ diff stocks is quite a bit. I still want to add 2 more international stocks so I will be at 57 total soon. As I mold my portfolio I may drop one or two this year that are under performing or if they cut their dividend. Most say its a lil bit crazy to buy a full portfolio right away but market timing does not apply as much to the long term equity holder. Also I am a lil crazy!

      Thanks for droppin by Keith and good work over there on DivHut!

  4. That was quite the shopping spree you went on but at least this was for assets and not clothes/shoes... I'd also like to add a few international stocks to my portfolio but I'm up around 42 holdings so I'm being more selective with my purchases. There's still another 3-5 companies I'd love to add but I'll have to wait for a sizable pullback or the next recession to realistically purchase them.

    1. I would be interested to know what INTL stocks u looking at? I personally am looking at maybe HSBC, Taiwan Semiconductor or Credit Suisse or even possibly an Australian bank. I also would like something in South America, either bank or energy as they are poised for an upturn. Time to be picky choosy now tho. Tough to find reliable INTL dividend growth stocks, America makes it so easy!

  5. Great buys! Basically all top class companies, impressive to see your determination :). Already you hold an impressive portfolio.

    Keep up the good work!



  6. Wow, 55 companies is a lot! I'm trying to keep mine no larger than 40 but I do have some half positions so it will have to be a little larger. I find it's too time consuming to keep up with more than that. Nice job on the purchases and you have a very diversified portfolio. I just opened a Motif account that I plan to use to add some diversification to my portfolio. I'll have to post a review of that soon.

    1. Thanks for droppin by DaW and AAI. Ya my portfolio is pretty much 98% complete and agreed 55 stocks is quite a bit to handle. I do have the time to watch them but it is not the most efficient thing. There are like 2-3 positions I have I think i can get rid of this year and I would just more than likely add to my current core positions. Now its time for those dividends to roll in, I missed some ex-dividend dates so it will take a couple months till I am fully dividend efficient. In the mean time the market will go up down and around and I have to drown out the noise and stay the course.

      Thanks for droppin by boys. Good Day and Grind On!

  7. Novartis was good to me, when I once had it. I work in the pharm industry so I am only able to hold $10K w/out causing conflict of interest. Sounds like I could be sitting on a gold mine if I diversified and invested in many of these pharm companies I know the inner working to.

    1. Sucks to hear you couldn't cash in. Glad you are optimistic about big pharma. I think I still am underweight in this great growth category and I am looking to increase that in the future.

      Thanks for dropping by!