Saturday 31 May 2014

May 2014 Dividend and Monthly Report Update

May has been a busy month for me behind the computer with adding many new positions. After my buying frenzy past couple months I am almost fully invested into the market now with maybe like 7-10k left to invest in June. My strategy going forward will be slight adjustments to my portfolio and then re-investing all my dividends every month into new or more than likely current positions.

I am pleased by the progress of my blog as its still a work in progress. Only Started this May 9 so it has largely surpassed my expectations so far and its been a lot of fun. I would like to thank everyone that has dropped by and have given me support. If this page gets popular enough I may switch over from blogger to my own domain at some point but I will probably have to hire someone to make it all fancy and monetize it for me at that point. Till then no rush. Please bare with my spelling and grammatical errors as I did not do well in English at grade school!

My current plans for this blog is
-Monthly end dividend report, reporting increases and decreases
-Monthly end review
-Monthly net worth done around middle of every month
-Weekly purchases
-My current watchlists
-Occasional insight and ramblings
-Future give aways because everyone likes free stuff and its my way of giving back
  (Grats to freedom35 for winning the $10 Itunes giftcard on my first giveaway!)

May 2014 Dividends Paid
 22.50  - AX.UN Artis REIT      
 46.00 - CPG Crescent Point Energy
   8.80  - DOL  Dollarma
 28.00 - D.UN Dundee Reit
280.00 - AAPL Apple
105.00 - COS  Canadian Oil Sands
 22.50 - HR.UN  H&R REIT
 18.33 -SJR.B  Shaw Communications
$531.13 - TOTAL 

Total forward yearly projected dividend total is $14,364

May Dividend Notes - Most of my holdings was purchased this month and last so my dividend portfolio is not in full swing yet as I missed a few ex-div dates. A few of my monthly payers have showed up already and a big payout by APPL. No increases or decreases in dividends to report this month but I have a couple next month I believe. My dividend page has been updated to reflect this.

New Purchases and Portfolio Update- Couple days ago I purchased BCE Bce Inc. and GSK GlaxoKlineSmith. Both stocks I already owned but wanted to increase my holdings. Good yields on both but high payouts especially with BCE. I have a lil bit of a user bias with BCE since I use them for my cell phone and very pleased with them overall. My holdings page has been updated to reflect the new purchases. My next purchases should be geared toward more international stocks as I am lacking in that category for my diversification goals. Apple has had a huge run up this past month as it marches toward the 7-1 stock split on June 1. Current price is $633 or $90.42 after the split. I expect to see it hit $100 within next couple months once the new iphone is revealed. The Beats aquisition was a puzzling one but APPL had a hidden agenda to aquire their paid music streaming service and music power broker Jimmy Ivine to broker future music deals with record labels. I am rethinking my position in APPL as I may hold a little longer than expected to say where there future is going, hopefully with larger dividends and growth!

AAPL Apple Inc. 633.00 15.17 2.10 41.73 13.16
GSK GlaxoSmithKline PLC Common Stoc 53.94 15.31 4.70 3.52 2.56
BCE.TO BCE Inc 49.84 19.55 4.98 2.60 2.47

Net Worth Mini Update- As of right now I am a little bit down since last report of $2,102,732. A property tax bill came up for my Rental Property of $5600 so I had to pay that off as well as a few other bills. Also lost $2000+ on currency exchange from Canadian to American! Damn bastard banks. Since those transactions I read up on ways to negate such transaction costs by buying specific funds on the Canadian market and then transferring them into my US account and then selling them as soon as they transfer. The whole process takes a bout a week and the cost would be just $20 for the two trades and then the currency flucuation good or bad till it settles. Yes its a bit of work but might be well worth it on transactions over 50k. But this time I took the bath of the currency exchange which was like 2%+. Should coulda woulda is what I say to that!

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  1. AG,

    That is one badass month! You're gonna have to put that keyboard in the freezer because it is smoking from all those purchases. Keep grinding away!


  2. Thats some serious dividend income! Congrats Asset-Grinder.
    Also, thanks for the mention :)

    Good call on picking up BCE. For pharma, I am not that familiar with GSK's product lines and their pipelines...but I was very interested in picking up AZN a few months ago when it was at the $65 level. Should've picked it up then. But the recent run up after the PFE takeover attempts has taken it to quite a premium level. Still $72 isnt bad, but I will be looking for better entry points.

    Best wishes

  3. Great Month you got there AG. Some great companies you have in your portfolio. I always like investing in companies of whom I use their products on a daily basis, so in that light it makes great sense increasing your stake in BCE.

    Keep up the good work with the blog, and thanks for the mention



  4. Yah was on the fence with BCE. I was really attracted to their great yield but wasn't sure about the fundamentals with their high payout ratio. I started doing some research and BCE is in many etf and funds core holdings. They also have some good dividend growth in the last ten years so I pulled the trigger and decided to make BCE one of my core holdings.

  5. Looks like a pretty great month. I hate missing dividend payments due to buying shortly after the ex-div date but it happens to us all. I'm sitting on quite a bit of cash myself and looking to make some purchases. Even if it's not the best value I think I'm going to go ahead and make a few. It's always fun watching those forward dividend increase.

    Love that show by the way. Too bad it's done with because McBride is hilarious. Although I think he's got a new show coming out.

    1. That season in Mexico was the funniest thing in a long time. Too bad its gone:(

  6. Thanks for the shout! best picture there at the bottom, haha... love that dude.

  7. Hello mmate great blog post