Monday 19 May 2014

New Buys May 19!!! WMT, MCD, CL, CLX , IBM, TOT, CHL

So I picked up 7 new stocks today. Bought a few staples WMT MCD CL CLX IBM and a couple other International stocks CHL and TOT. I wanted to add a few more staple steady predictable stocks especially WMT. They are all dividend growth stocks with years of dividend growth. I wanted to get on some more emerging markets hence CHL and TOT. China Mobile has been flat for years but they are tops in China with a rapidly growing market especially for expensive smart phones with a 4.02% yield and 49% pay out ratio . TOT Is based out of France and has large stakes in Russian Energy sector. The beaten up emerging markets stock is poised for a return while paying a steady 4% yield and 51% payout ratio.

These 7 long hold acquisitions avg a 3.01% return and $1189 to my yearly forward dividends total and i have thus updated my holding on my holdings page.

52-Wk Range
TOT Total S.A. 71.25 12.45 4.70 5.72 46.79 73.52
IBM International Business Machines 186.84 12.77 2.40 14.63 172.19 211.98
CHL China Mobile Limited Common Sto 50.62 10.55 3.80 4.80 41.35 57.42
CLX Clorox Company (The) Common Sto 88.28 20.51 3.30 4.30 80.2 96.76
CL Colgate-Palmolive Company Commo 66.74 28.74 2.20 2.32 55.47 67.95
MCD McDonald's Corporation Common S 102.07 18.55 3.10 5.50 92.22 103.78
WMT Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Common St 76.70 15.84 2.50 4.84 71.51 81.37


  1. Solid purchases man :D I have MCD as well and have been loving their performance in the past few years. These types of blue-chip, recession proof stocks are some of the best to hold for the long run. Some people may be weary to deploy almost $40K into equities when the U.S. stock market index is at a record high, but that's poor logic. I believe the markets still have upside potential even at this point. And it appears you have a well diversified portfolio where many companies you own earn most of their revenue from outside North America :) Hope you enjoyed your long weekend!


  2. Ya LI you are right about investing into a hot market. Nobody knows when it will top out and crash. Could be tomorrow or it could be in 10 years. Nobody owns that crystal ball and I dont want to invest with fear. I believe a well diversified dividend portfolio will do great in any market condition.These are primarily long term stocks so even in a severe correction were to occur I would just double up on them and use up some of my margin account if need be. History has shown nobody can time markets accurately so there is no point trying to do so now. Man this Victoria day was a busy one! I hate crowds! Thanks for stopping by and grind on my friend!

  3. Seven new stocks all at once. That's jumping into the thick of things. I like MCD, CL, CLX, TOT from the seven. AFL is still a favorite of mine too in these high valuation markets. Also, have you seen SBSI? It's small, but has a nice dividend history, low PE, low payout ratio and a generous yield. Thanks for sharing your buys!

  4. Thanks for the tip Keith. Ya AFL is on my short list one next buying round. That p/e is so low right now. Will check out sbsi too!!

  5. WHOA. You aren't messing around! That is huge, nice move making Asset Grinder. I own MCD and TOT and have had CLX on my list. Let those dividends roll in - nice work, keep at it!