Saturday 14 February 2015

$2,896,605 My Net Worth Update February 2015

My Net Worth Update Feburary 2015

    February 14 / 2015  : Updated every mid month


Home 2015 assessed value                                  total                 $1,253,000

-Equity Investments
Tax free saving account TFSA -                 $42,076
Retirement saving plan RSP -                  $145,343
Canadian margin account -                      $167,647
US margin account ( Ex Rate 1.2449)-    $204,848
margin available $212,649
                                                                   Equity   total:                 $559,914

-Commercial Rental Property
Warehouse 2300 sqft Income Property 2015 assessed value
                                                                               total:                 $319,000
 -Residential Rental Property
Rental Home 3200 sqft Income property 2015 assesed value
                                                                               total:                 $667,000
-Start Up Company
Brewery start up share value
                                                                               total:                   $85,000

Checking account                                        $2,559
Business account                                       $10,132
                                                                               total:                  $12,691


                         January 2015 Grand Total Net Worth:      $2,896,605

                                                Gain/loss from last month +$725,060

Jan.    2015  : $2,171,545 Details Link  +$44,214
Dec.   2014  : $2,127,331 Details Link  -$33,547
Nov.   2014  : $2,160,878 Details Link  + $49,867
Oct.     2014 : $2,111,011 Details Link  - $28,473
Sept.    2014 : $2,139,484 Details Link + $13,390
August 2014: $2,126,094 Details Link + $14,613
July    2014  : $2,111,481 Details Link  + $5,584
June    2014 : $2,105,897 Details Link   + $3,165
May    2014 : $2,102,732 Details Link

 In Summary-

 Big Month here with a huge increase to my Net Worth to a positive amount of $725,060. Wow!!!

Factors that have contributed to the increase:

The big one is plus $667,000 which is the the new home I purchased from my parents early inheritance. I am very grateful for the gift from them and will use it responsibility. I will not blow it on anything for myself like cars,  jewelry , presents  or vacations but rather to use it to further grow my investments.

The second big one is the strong 2015 so far in the markets and the weakening of the Canadian dollar compared to the US greenback. My account value in Canadian dollars surged from $505,508 last month to $559,914 this month for an increase of $54,406. My Reit stocks have rebounded greatly in this time as well as slight rebound in oil and a good run from my apple stock. Dividends and options premiums have also been strong this month which I likey.

In other news:
My brewery investment is starting to come together. We have our first big meeting tomorrow where all the investors are getting together for the first time and going to see the progress. Lots of the equipment have arrived and things are really moving. Spring is looking good for official launch.

I am also working on another house deal right now. I am just trying to figure out how much I can get financing for it before I move forward. I have a couple of options on it, ether just do small amount of work and flip it for a small gain or build a house on it for a larger payout. All depends on financing and rates at this point.

Also I have an update from my last POST where I have recently took in my nephew to come live with me full time. I got him a new look before school started. I got him a good haircut from my barber and for the first time he is using a bit of hair product in his 12 year old head. I also bought him a new wardrobe. I went into a youthful skater, surfer store and the girls working there helped us tremendously and transformed him into a hip looking young dude. He now has skinny jeans, joggers ( which I dont understand lol) Some kool t-shirts , hoodies , couple sweaters and a fresh pair of DC shoes. He was so excited he wore one whole outfit out of the store.

That night the school close to me called and said they had room for him and to start the next day in grade 7. The next day as we were walking to the school to get him all sorted a bunch of kids came up to him and said "Hey are you new? "Ya" "Awesome my name is Josh and these are my friends" After school when we picked him up he said he had the best day ever. He was beaming. He said he made lots of new friends and everyone was so incredibly nice to him. He was also in a bit of culture shock from being a minority in his old school where the kids would not speak English (90% Asian) to all the kids speaking English. I looked up the school rating from his old school and they were in the bottom 5% in the province ouch! This new public school is in the top 10% ranking of all schools which is great. I hope the next week he enjoys it as much as the first day.

I also made inquires to get him into Tae Kwon Doe and also Air Cadets. I think both are strong options for him to help mold him into a responsible, caring, self aware , confident man. I am really digging this cadet course as its free paid for by the government. What kid doesn't like learning how to use a rifle, go skiing and fly in small aircraft and gliders.

Stay tuned for more updates. Til then Grind On and Good Day!


  1. Wow AG. What an awesome surge to your net worth. That's wicked bud. I'm so happy someone as successful as you is able to show us a glimpse into your personal investing endeavours. It gives us young ins motivation. Appreciate it bud. Im almost at the 1 mill mark and I hope to be at 2 mill by the time I'm 40.
    Your nephew sounds like he's enjoying this wonderful new chapter. Thats awesome. He'll remember this for the rest of his life. No doubt.
    Keep up the great work AG. Much love my friend.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Tyler. You are on the come up quick and enjoy your updates. My lil boy who is only 2 loves having the nephew around and is attached to him lately which is kool.

  2. Wow... the update about the nephew is better than the $54,000 profit for me! Both are great news, though. I'm curious... what made you want to build a brewery? I've always thought about bringing factory-type jobs to the town I invest in, and never thought of something like that.

    1. I took a business class and I met a brewer there that wanted to start his own business. After reviewing his business plan and meeting his partners I was pretty confident in investing in it. He has quite a bit of experience and his partners own the place he works in now. They basically outgrew the place and cant keep up with demand. I did my due diligence and consulted my lawyers and accountant as well as spoke to many people around town in the biz that know the project and all checked out. Hell I dont even drink! Its on of those types of business that could go bust, boom and get bought out or run for decades pumping out solid quarterly dividend income.

  3. AG,

    Damn, son! Your one month increase is equal to my lifetime net worth total. You are truly the 800 pound gorilla in the room. In fact I think AG should stand for Asset-Gorilla! :-) LOL

    Keep killing it! You are an inspiration to us all.


    1. Lol Asset Gorilla.. Kinda catchy! Hey u never know! U keep doing what u do over there as probably the one most consistent monthly investor out there right now in the blog hemisphere!

  4. Wow, heck of a lot of progress in one fell swoop, both to the markets and the generosity of your parents. What is your plan for the REITs now that they are rebounding? If I recall, most were purchased on margin, and lost a good bit of value after the purchase.

    Of course the real progress here isn't the financial side of things, but the potential impact on a young boy's life. Kudos to you for taking him in and thanks for the update on his progress.

    1. Still undecided on my reit play. It fell 10% at its peak so far but rebounded to about -2.2% as of today. I might to pull out margin in the next month on my next home deal and first to go will be the reits. stay tuned.

  5. WOW...Ah-Maze-Zing! We hit the $1MIL mark last July but things seems to have slowed down a bit for us since. Must say that I'm definitely jealous of the rate you are seeing your money grow. Can't wait to be there ourselves!

    You are doing great my friend. Keep up the great are an inspiration to many, including myself! AFFJ

    1. yeah the big mark is the 1m one. Grats on that and dont worry the next mill is much easier to attain lol.Keep grinding upwards

  6. Wow you're certainly grinding it out when it comes to net worth. Sounds like your nephew is making good progress living with you. That's great to hear!

    1. He got a bit snarky today when I told him he has to change his clothes everyday for school lol... KIDS!!!!!!!!

  7. AG,
    That is a pretty solid net worth. It's crazy how you can generate more income in a month than I can in a year. lol Keep it up!

    1. Realistically only made 50k and was given the rest. Unrealized gains too!!!! Dont worry buddy keep saving and investing!

  8. Wow...congrats on the big jump in net worth A-G. Thats fantastic progress!
    Also great to hear that your nephew is doing well. Glad to hear that.


  9. That is a gigantic increase in Net Worth. You have to embrace the windfall :)

    I always tell people not to count on windfalls, but to embrace them if they come.


    Looking forward to see you bust through $3M.

    1. Yes should crack 3m this year.I Hope lol! People often squander away windfalls but I dont treat it differently than money I earned so I can best take advantage of it.

  10. Asset Grinder,

    It's always great to hear good news that isn't financial, since it reminds us that money isn't everything! That's very generous of you to take in your nephew like that and to provide him with a much better situation. It's very inspiring and I'm sure many of us readers will be positively affected by the way you carry yourself!

    Oh, as always, awesome job with the finances! You always impress.


    1. Thanks for the kind words buddy. It is something I have always struggled with myself. Money isnt everything. I need constant reminders. My mind never shuts off about numbers. Its a curse!!

  11. Kaboom! Nice increase :)

    I love these posts - inspiration AG.

  12. Happy to hear things are going well on all fronts! Curious about the brewery, what are you going to call your house brew??

    1. Marketing for the brew is being done as we speak with branding. I cant say too much yet or I will get in trouble!

  13. AG,

    I almost choked on my drink when I saw your increase before remembering the house your dad gave you! :)

    Looking forward to read more on the brewery project.


    1. I am just happy the portfolio went up 50k! Thats the real win in my books. Almost feel I should separate the two.

  14. Wow you are grinding your assets incredibly well. I thought I I have been grinding well but I got lots to learn Sensei!



    1. Just start reading like I did! Or take a course or two!

  15. That's a great development. Finally, the brewery equipment has been shipped in to be set up. I hope that your lifts and materials handling equipment are working right to facilitate the process of making great brews. Hope they also came in fairly cheap, or at least a bargain.

    Traci Mcdaniel @ Carolina Material Handling Inc