Thursday, 2 July 2015

Taking a breather right now

My blog is going to be taking a breather right now as I have too much going on. I plan on coming back at some point when I am back on track and things slow down.

Right now I am

1. Fixing up my home to get ready to list it for sale.

2. Working on new home I am building. Tough job making a billion decisions to basically design it myself. I think I may get the help of an interior designer for some of the finer details (colors,wallpaper,fixtures)

3. Dealing with my nephew and kids. Schools out and got to keep them busy especially when I have tradesmen coming through our home.

4. Brewery is up and running. Grand opening went well and so far so good. I am barely ever there but I visit every other week. Hopefully we get our first dividends by years end.

5. New business. After crunching housing numbers in my area my cousin and I have decided to go into business on home developments. We are looking at building 3 homes for quick resale. We are looking at about a 25% gain at the end of the day give or take. We hope to have this built within 7-8 months and sold within a year. For a total profit of 300-350k each.

This has been taking up the majority of my time as I am doing all the work and my cousin is mostly just putting up the money for it. We work well together and we are both quite level headed. I have to raise some money for all of this as I need north of 1 million on my end. looks like I will be liquidating some property and stocks in order for this to happen, also probably will be borrowing a little bit.

6. Switching over accountants to get someone in town that can handle, my personal,wifes, corporate and new business accounts. God damn I hate taxes and file preperation

7. Dealing with a lawyer for all the property purchases, new company formation, restructuring my personal corp, mortgage signing.

Overall Its gonna be a busy summer for me. i do want to get more full on with equities at some point and build an entirely passive income but right now I am still focused on net worth growth. there is a certified financial planner part time night course starting in September I am interested in taking but I may to busy to do so. I am also quite interested in possibly getting my realtors license so I can buy and sell my own homes to cut out commissions lost. Oh well you never stop learning.

Funny thing about being someone with a good net worth is that everybody thinks I am broke. I don't spend much, I drive a cheap Honda , I don't have very nice clothes, no jewelry, I haven't had a vacation in years. My realtor on the other hand is the opposite, 10k watch, 50k Mercedes, quite a few fancy suits with 500$ shoes, live in nanny, heavily leveraged house, splurges on everything. Yet this guy is living paycheck to paycheck and has a negative net worth living off credit. It boggles my mind how people can live like this. People like this I want to shake the shit out of and get them on the right track but I cant change everyone I realize.

For me I will keep grinding until i die. I love money and growing it. I rather grow it than spend it. I will splurge a percentage here and there only after the money is in the bank from a deal here and there.

Until my next post Good Day and Grind On!


  1. You definitely have tons of stuff going on. Take care of them first, blogging and come later. There's no point showing off by having all these "fancy" toys when your net worth is negative and living paycheque to paycheque.

  2. Wow...those are a lot of projects going on. Sounds really exciting and I wish you the best!


  3. Lots and lots of stuff to focus on so I can't blame you for taking the time to focus on what needs your attention the most right now. We'll be here waiting for whenever you get back to blogging.

  4. Good grief, and I thought I was busy remodeling my bathroom. Best of luck!

  5. Hey AG. Thanks for sharing. Keep hustling hard bud. We're all rooting for you. We're gonna do the same, build our portfolios and net worths up... Life goes on. Can't wait till your next post! Take care bud.

  6. You've really been extremely busy! No wonder your online activity has dropped some. Happy to see you had some time to keep us all in the loop! I'm always curious to see the passive and not so passive income(options) you bring in every month.

    On a side note, I to am looking into getting the CFP designation in the future, however I first need to get myself working at a bank!(sigh) Were you looking at a course that prepares you for the CFP courses, or the actual modules that lead to certification? Through Canadian Securities Institute at least, you can do the FP1 and FP2 courses online.

    Best of luck and hope to see an update post or two ^_^

  7. A-G,

    Just reading how much you've got going on is causing me to hyperventilate a little. I couldn't imagine actually doing all that stuff. Gotta give you credit, bud! :)

    The blog (and the community) will be waiting whenever you're ready to get back to it. But enjoy life. That's what we're doing all of this for.


  8. Sorry to hear Grinder but certainly understandable given how much you currently have on your plate. Good luck and hope you are successful with each and every one of your tasks. I'm sure the blogging community will anxiously await your return. Until your next post. Best Wishes! AFFJ

  9. Wow Asset Grinder - sounds pretty full on indeed! Best of luck with everything you have on your plate!



  10. Love your grinding every time I visit. Can't imagine hard working person like you wouldn't succeed. Keep up the great work!

  11. "someone with a good net worth is that everybody thinks I am broke. I don't spend much"

    LOL. That is me too. Always wear a free t-shirt, often with some paint splashes. Work shoes, carpenter pants and suspenders. I think a robber would pass me up for your realtor.

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  13. Hey AG,
    I lived in Gordon Head from 2000-04. Beautiful place. I was in the Canadian Military. Just started blogging about Retirement Planning and Strategies as I'm retiring next year . I'm over at If you have time drop by and say hi!
    Hope you get back on your feet soon, really enjoyed hanging out on your site.

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  15. Good luck pal. Hope to see you back soon. :) I always look forward to your dividend and income updates.

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