Monday 11 May 2015

April 2015 Dividends , Options , Adsense and Interest Monthly Report

April 2015 Dividends , Options , Adsense and Interest Monthly Report

Big month as far as my highest dividend total and by far my largest options premiums totals. I was able to break over $10k in options premiums. I did it selling puts in Apple, Netflix and Google all into earning with all the companies beating estimates.

Plans going forward is to stay the course.  I had to pull some equity out last month for my new home build but I am trying to figure a way to not sell any of my equities going forward. I don't anticipate and new buys or sells in the next couple of months. I will continue to rake in the dividends and play options in the meantime to generate some extra income while I work on my new home build.

This marks 1 year my blog as been rolling and tracking my progress. Even though my posts have slowed I plan on continuing for the years to come. I would like to thank all the regulars that drop by and the continued support of the community. 

April 2015 Dividends Paid
        Monthly payers
 86.63  - HR.UN HR Reit
232.65 - AX.UN Artis Reit
177.32 - D.UN Dream Office Reit
133.34 - DRG.UN Dream Global Reit
 94.36 - REI.UN RioCan Reit
123.75 - RMM.UN Retrocom Reit
105.00 - BTB.UN BTB Reit
  80.50 - CPG Crescent Point Energy
  19.75 - SJR.B Shaw Communications
 25.70 - ENF Enbridge Income fund
 19.00 - CJR.B Corus Entertainment
 20.00 - BTE Baytex Energy
183.75 - CUF.UN Cominar Reit
  14.76 - PFF Ishares US pref stock
   Quarterly Payers
 23.30 - CNQ
 30.00 - HSE Husky
  80.00 - T Telus
 64.80 - RCI.B Rogers Comm
143.00 - BCE Bell
 37.95 - AGU Agrium
116.60 - CM CIBC
 68.00 - BNS Bank of Nova Scotia
 28.60 - TRP Transcanada Corp
153.00 - TD Toronto Dominion
 33.00 - KO Coca Cola
 43.12 - KMB Kimberly Clark Corp
 40.25 - GE General Electric
 32.77 - BAX Baxter
 41.65 - WMT Walmart
 63.81 - PM Philip Morris
139.05 - GSK Glaxo Smith Kiline
 32.79 - TOT Total
103.97 - NVS Novartis
 38.56 - DOW DOW Chemical

$2,630.43 TOTAL

Total options premiums in April
 Options Notes -
- Playing Apple with selling weekly puts.
- Played earnings for Netflix and Google selling put options that expired worthless

Total interest paid for margin for April


Adsense for my blog in April 2015  $6.51
- 10,882 : Pageviews for March
- 9 : Number of ad clicks

2015 Breakdown   Dividends     Options       Interest      Adsense 
- April                     $2,630.43   $10,064.11     $350.23        $6.51
- March                  $2,146.39     $2,406.44     $299.22      $17.57
- February              $2,225.91     $2,469.00     $343.29      $20.42
- January                $2,146.41     $3,305.92     $517.21      $19.50
TOTALS  2015      $9,149.14   $18,245.47    $1,509.95      $64.00

2014 Breakdown   Dividends     Options       Interest      Adsense
- December           $2,268.05       $657.49     $396.00        $16.17
- November          $2,182.56       $616.81      $501.82        $10.86
- October               $2,499.87    $2,167.48     $538.20
- September           $2,088.65    $1,518.76     $318.73
 - August                $1,482.38                           $87.79
 - July                     $1,239.74
 - June                       $608.62
 - May                       $531.13
TOTALS  2014      $13,291.20    $4,960.54  $1,842.54     $27.03


  1. Wow! $10K in options premiums?! You are killing it, A-G. Great income rate.


  2. That is some impressive option premium income and not to shabby on the dividend income either. I am way below that, but I grateful to be able to invest in the market and use options from time to time to help me reach my goals.

    Look forward to your next update

  3. Great work Grinder. Any update on the brew pub? Remind me not to take the opposite side of an option trade from you :)

  4. What a great month! Do you list your options trades anywhere? I'd be interested in seeing what your strategy has been for playing the earnings to net $10k. I have way less in assets than you do so am only affording to keep about 3 contracts open at a time max. Interesting too that the weeklies are still available for Apple. I would have thought that would have gone away after the stock split. Keep up the good work!

  5. Holy crap $10k in option premium? You're totally grinding this passive income thing out. Not to mention you got over $2.5k worth of dividend. Keep up the god stuff man.

  6. Wow! Those are just amazing results! Keep it up!

  7. Awesome income AG. Nice to see a post. I know you're hustling hard so take care and keep it up. It's awesome building our empire up. Cheers bud.

  8. Very impressive numbers AG. I notice you have a lot of REITs, I'm curious what your weight is in the overall sector ?

  9. A-G,

    That's another awesome month all around. Nice options and dividend income especially. Not bad for the blog income either for a month.

  10. Look at your dividend income as well as incomes from option trading. You are as always an amazing investor. Keep up the great work asset grinder!

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