Thursday 4 September 2014

August 2014 Dividend and Monthly Report Update

August proved some changes in my Portfolio. From sneaking into Apple dividends with 1000 shares to buying over 150k Reits on Margin. but we cant forget the main reason for it all. THE DIVIDENDS! One day I will not have to make any moves at all and just live off my dividend income. Till then I will grind aggressively forward!

Here is my Dividend total for August

          2014 Running Total - $3861.82
                            *Aug - $1,482.38    Interest total  $87.79
                            *July - $1,239.74       
                            *June -  $608.62
                            *May -  $531.13

August 2014 Dividends Paid
 58.75 - REI.UN RioCan Reit
 39.37 - HR.UN  H&R Reit
105.00 - COS Canadian Oil Sands
 18.33 - SJR  Shaw Communications
 50.70 - BMO Bank of Montreal
 28.00 - D.UN Dream Office Reit
 22.92 - ENF Enbridge Income Fund
 52.65 - AX.UN Artis Reit
 46.00 - CPG Crescent Point Energy
 38.00 - PG  Proctor Gamble
 30.60 - CL Colgate
 60.31 - KMI Kinder Morgan
704.07 - AAPL Apple
 8.80  - DOL  Dollarama
 37.74 - CLX Clorox
 50.91 - VZ Verizon
 71.00 - RY Royal Bank
 59.23 - T AT&T
$1,482.38 - August Total

      $87.79 -August Interest Total

- Added new interest total for cost of borrowing on Margin- August interest total $87.79

- RY Royal Bank increases annual dividend by 5.6% from $2.84 to $3.00
- BNS Bank of Nova Scotia increases annual dividend by 3.1% from $2.56 to $2.64 making it its second dividend increase this year

In Summary

Highest total yet. Since I have started borrowing money at margin I will be paying interest charges that will eat up my dividend totals but as long as my dividends total outweighs my interest total it will all be good. Yes it is risky to borrow money to make money but it is not a significant portion of my net worth and I will be fine if things go sour.

Real Estate News

Not much too report but been pounding the pavement. I have been looking at rental income homes, Potential downsize homes and Lots for sale to build on. There has been a few interesting opportunities but not the right one yet for me to jump on.

Also helped my parents list a home of theirs for sale. Maybe an early inheritance soon coming for me. We will see how things pan out. I am not counting on or expecting anything from them but hey if they want to help me and fund my children's education I would be very grateful.

Market News

Portfolio is rebounding quite nicely from the other months late dip. I hope to report a decent net worth gain mid month if things stay on track.

As detailed before I made a big bet LINK on APPLE for 100k. Things worked out and my option was called for an overall 5k gain after all fees and borrowing costs. The last few days Apple has dropped hard due to the ICloud Scandal. I have to admit I browsed through the pics of Jenifer Laurence ( Thank U Intrawebs!!!) I have since jumped back into another 1000 shares of APPLE at $99.11 average cost which is so far down a $1. I plan on writing options again on it once the price rebounds on it. I am hoping for another 5-10k gain on this bet and will update its progress.

My Big REIT purchase  LINK is down a lil bit 1% overall. I am not worried because Bank of Canada just announced no change to interest rates and also I snuck in a day before the Ex-dividend date on the REITS so it naturally is down a few days after.

Brewery News

Not much too report but just some standard closing documents for share structure. Official possession of new building is next month but we have access to it now. Equipment has been ordered and building improvements have already begun. Hopefully by Christmas we will be pouring our first batch of brew.

Other News- In perspective of it all

School is in session. Oh not for me but my daughter. She is starting junior kindergarten. We have been looking into schools in the area and we have found a non religious private school close by. Yes it is very pricey but I want better for my children's education. I know for me growing up the school system failed me many times. I just skated by as a young punk in over crowded classrooms with teachers not giving a crap about you. For me school was not a safe place and the last few years of high school I carried a knife with me to school for my own protection and a couple occasions I had to use it. School was an extremely stressful time for me and I dont want my kids to have the same experience.

This was a one of reasons why I moved out from the big city. I am very grateful and lucky for what I have. That said I have been debating back and forth about private school for a few years. Yes it is an enormous cost. I have estimated it will cost me $450,000 just to put both my children through to grade 12 and that's not including post secondary. Insane huh. How can one justify this cost.

To me its all about sacrifice. I am willing to sacrifice A fancy home to live in more modest dwellings. I am willing to skip out on personal indulgences (New cars, Vacations, Man toys) for my kids education. This is why I have been looking at downsizing my current home primarily to tell you the truth. Its an investment in their future. As a parent I have learned to stop being so god damn selfish. I used to be Scrooge McDuck grasping my money tight. I was wealthy but miserable. My only purpose was to make money. Now I realize life isn't just about money but living a fulfilled life with purpose. My purpose is to be happy and take care of my family. Dont get me wrong as money places a close second behind my family.

So as my daughter just finished her first day at school I was very impressed with the school and happy about my decision. The amount of time teachers spend with students, the amount of staff on hand, the smaller classroom size,the increased amenities at the school, the extra curricular activities they offer. Its everything I never had at a school. Perhaps my daughter will be CEO of a a fortune 500 company or a hedge fund manager one day. You never know!  Even if my daughter wants to pursue a sports, arts career I am fine with it. Hell even if she wants to be a mechanic or a plumber as long as she has the opportunity to do whatever she wants to is all I can ask for.

This does not deter my end goal in life. My end goal is still to grind forward every year with an increasing net worth. I don't want to die penniless but hand down a legacy my kids can continue with as well grinding forward into the billions and trillions one day. I want them to become asset grinders always reaching for that next rung and challenging themselves in life.

So how was your guys August for investments? Any thoughts on private school?


  1. Great perspective AG. Making money for the sake of having money will only take you so far. Just seeing a bunch of numbers on a sheet of paper won't bring long lasting happiness. With that being said, your sacrifice and commitment to advancing your family's standing in this world is awesome. I know they will appreciate your efforts!

    Great all around month and continue grinding forward!


    1. Yah. Trying to find that right balance in life has always been my struggle.

  2. A-G,

    Apple is killing it for you! :)

    That's a great month of dividend income. I'd be FI on that level of income. Enjoy!!

    As far as your daughter's education, you have to do what you feel is best for her future. If that's private school and associated costs, then so be it. I went to horrible schools in Detroit during my younger years. I then went to better schools later on in a very small town. All public. Some people excelled, and some did not. I think a lot of it comes down to what you make of it, but I'm also quite confident that you'll get what you pay for.

    Keep up the great work!

    Best wishes.

    1. Yah if you have a bad kid, it doesnt matter wherever they are, public or private. I just have to make sure I make time for them and not be one of those work all day parents. Its tough being a good parent and so damn easy to be a crappy one. I spend so much time with the kids its affecting my sanity!!!!!!

  3. "Now I realize life isn't just about money but living a fulfilled life with purpose. My purpose is to be happy and take care of my family. Dont get me wrong as money places a close second behind my family."

    Money means little unless you can share that financial freedom with those you love...

    Great income, well done. Any more purchases on the horizon?


    1. We will see on future purchases. After this new Apple dip I picked up 1000 shares so we will see how long I hold it and the move I make after.

  4. Wow, that's a hefty dividend for August, it's as much as some folk's income!

    1. Thanks buddy. Im trying to work my way up to a whole family income, Still a ways to go! I might have to invest in a secret vasectomy soon to stay afloat lol

  5. Money is just a tool we use to get what we want/need. No more, no less. You have great clarity in that regard and realize that money in itself does not provide happiness or contentment it's what that tool can provide for you instead. Keep building on another great month of dividends. Look forward to your next update.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Took me a long time to realize money does not buy happiness. I am pretty stubborn tho lol

  6. Nearly $1500 in dividends!! Wow....that is one helluva portfolio you got there. Congrats on the dividend income. Keep on grinding and best wishes with your investments.


  7. Great hefty dividend increase. Sounds like you've double down on your AAPL shares. WTG!

    The whole BC teacher vs BC government ordeal is getting ridiculous. I really don't like unions. I say give what the teachers want as long as you can fire these incapable teachers that have been teaching for years and just don't care about the kids anymore. These people are the ones that drag down the overall system. I have a lot of friends who have been subbing for the last 5 years and couldn't find a permanent teaching job because they do not have seniority. They have more passions about helping out kids than these long time teachers. It's time for a change in the system.

    1. Yes huge overhaul to the system needed. They will spend billions on the Olympic games but not in our own education. Politics is so greasy it sickens me.

  8. Money is just one of those things that you need to have (up to a point). I hope to be able to help my less fortunate siblings out when I am old (32 now). I can't help them like I want to right now, but I will do my best later on in life.

    Money comes and goes, but your family will stay around forever :)

    Take care!

  9. That's another solid month of passive income. I also took advantage of the appl dip and bought a couple of shares. Nice investments good luck!

  10. A-G, Just a thought on the schools.... like you we also share an interest in having our kids well educated. Our approach has been to move to a solid school district , where our property also captures the value of such a move (hopefully by slowly grinding higher over time). We pay higher taxes, but I'm expecting to educate my kids in a solid set of public schools rather than have to pay up for a private school.

    1. The area I live in have good public schools. I may be moving around in the next few years so a private school would not be affected on where I move to unlike public schools. Nothing wrong with a public education. I just want whats best for them and I can afford to do so.

  11. hi AG im a fairly new DGI 22 year old investor big reader of your blog when i first started i have same investment strategy as you i purchased shares of KO / T and strong growing companies but when i first also started i put about 6k into many ETFs such as IWO,IWS,HYG,VNQ and more .... i see many people stay away from etfs in there freedom fund did i make a bad first move ? should i have put these into single companies for a better return ? my ears are wide open for your input :)

    1. Thats a big question. I dont mind ETFs at all and in many cases its the better choice. Just make sure the fees are low. Sure you can put your money into a a stock or two but then you will be taking on more risk.

      Since you are a young guy you can afford to take on more risk. All depends what you feel comfortable with. A mixed stock, etf is fine as long as you know what you are doing.
      Best of luck!

  12. Wow those margin REITs sure are pumping up your monthly income! August wasn't bad for me, not as high as July's but that's more just due to the months which quarterly payouts land on :)

    1. The margin Reits will take effect this month for some bigger numbers. too bad their value is going down a bit :(

    2. Yeah I feel you on that one, my D.UN has been sinking a bit as well at least in part its due to an ex-div day though. I'd have thought they'd have bounced up a bit better considering the GoC kept its interest rates the same though.

    3. Despite REITs in general are off there high and been quite volatile last couple years. Hopefully we will get a good upside on them in the long run.

  13. classic case of money makes money, I love it! Thanks for the up date Asset Grinder

    i lost it when i read this
    "I have to admit I browsed through the pics of Jenifer Laurence ( Thank U Intrawebs!!!)"
    thank you for the laugh!



  14. Asset-Grinder,

    While your childhood and memories of public school may not positive, do not forget that they helped mold you into the individual you are. As we grow in wealth and knowledge, we have a tendency to forget the trials and tribulations that helped get us to where we are now. I'm guilty of spoiling family and friends, and later find myself baffled when they don't understand the TRUE cost of time and money. By all means, provide your children with the best you can but don't shield them from the realities of life. You can't appreciate life's blessings if you've never been exposed to its afflictions.

    Best Regards,