Thursday 7 August 2014

Leibster Award

So couple guys and a gal nominated my blog for the Liebster award. Thanks guys quite grateful. Those guys are
RoadMap 2 Retire
Dividend Diplomats
Debt Debs

They are two guys and a gal whose blogs I frequent regularly and I suggest you give them a look if you haven't already.

First what is a liebster award? Heres the rules
Its Basically an award given by fellow up and coming bloggers that comes with questions and then passing along the award for the process to be repeated. Something like that I think lol.

First off I will answer Dividend Diplomats questions to me.

1. What is the best piece of financial advice you have received?

Buy what you can afford only and take your losses like a man. I have never been in long term debt my whole life. I have always thrived to have money in the bank for a rainy day even when I was a kid because when it rains it pours.

2. What is your favorite financial and non-financial book? (Sorry for the two part question).

Favorite financial book is Random Walk Down Wall Street. Filled with so much knowledge I find myself listening to the audio book often in the car over and over again.
Favorite non fiction? Catcher in the Rye! "All morons hate it when you call them a moron."
- J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye, Ch. 6

3. Do you still own the first stock you purchased?

No it went bankrupt. NORTEL !!!!!!!!!! When i first began investing in 1998 I found a hot shot stockbroker and I gave him 100k. He then heavily invested into Nortel and lost it all. Lol lesson learned there.

4. If you could visit any country in the world, which country would you visit?

Hmm tough call. I have traveled many places around the world Australia, Most of Europe, Japan, Thailand , Mexico, Caribbean . There is still a few places I would like to visit. New Zealand for sightseeing, South Africa for a safari, Cuba before Communism falls, Russia in the summer lol and Hawaii and Miami if the United States will ever let me back in.

5. What is your favorite “boring” stock?

Tough one. I would say Apple if its still considered boring. I have jumped in and out of it at least 10 times with a profit every time. There is something on how they do business that clicks with me. There message is so simple and it just works. Love their high quality products in the day and age of quickly obsolete low quality crap. 5 year old Apple products blow away all competitors when it comes to reliability and useability of similar products. 

Bonus Question: Which Diplomat is your favorite and why? Just kidding about this question.

I like you guys equally the same but I would have to say Lanny sounds better looking and Bert sounds 1% smarter out of the two. LOL JK !!!

And now for Road Map 2 Retires questions!

1. Who has been your biggest inspiration (investing or otherwise)?
Hmm tough call. Cant really say anyone really but an object instead. Cash cold hard money has inspired me. I wanted cash more than I wanted material possessions. I like counting it, I like smelling it. I like to lay it out in nicely organized piles with all the bills face up the right way with no folds or creases. You can tell a lot of a man on how he stacks his cold hard cash.

2. What is your best advise to other investors (new and/or seasoned)?
Dont be afraid to get your feet wet. Life favors the bold and the ones that put their neck out there.  Hell I probably lost easily over a million in bad investments but there are a few I really stuck my neck out there that paid off much more than I lost. Whats the worst thing thats gonna happen out of a measured investment? You lose your money? Big deal, Get over it and move on to the next thing.

3. Which is your favorite city in the world?
Tough call. Maybe where I live in Victoria BC , I live a block from the beach, No traffic, friendly people, good food , very mild weather for Canada and not as materialistic as the big cities.

4. If someone would take anything away from your blog, what's the one thing you wish they would?
Hey, take a chance in life! Quit talking about it and just do it. Makes things happen on your own and don't say shoulda coulda woulda years later.

5. What kind of music do you listen to?
As a kid I listed to classic rock, and hair bands Led Zepplin, Rush , Motely cru, Def leppard
Then I got into rap as a young angry teenager, NWA , Bay area rap.
Then I got into Indie rock and some house music.
Now I barely listen to music in favor of podcasts. I will still rock some albums every here and there like ArcadeFire and whatever or whatever is on the radio. Like to relax with some 80,s hits in the background too.

My Nominees?

1. - He was one of the few guys that inspired me to start my blog and of course Dividend Mantra. I like his strategy of dividend growth stocks mixed with real estate as I am doing the same thang!

2. - Love his aggressive approach at investing at all costs! He sacrifices the nice things now for the even better things down the road. Love is focused get rich approach. He is hungry for millions and is doing everything he can to get there.

3. Dividend growth investor with a European vibe. He has always been supportive of me and the community and deserves praise for it.

4. Active blogger, investor, tweeter and all around good guy.

5. Good supporter and voice of reason. I appreciate his insights on his trades and posts. Also admire his boldness in the search for yield!

My questions for these 5 guys?
1. Whats your favorite TV show, Movie and why?
2. What sports or physical activity are you guys involved with or what do you guys do for fun?
3. How has your blog helped you and what have you learned from it?
4. Where do u want to be in 5, 10, 20 , 50 years?
5. What your biggest strength and weakness in your quest for financial independance?


  1. I really enjoy reading these Leibster Award postings. They sure let me know more about fellow bloggers. Very cool.

    Victoria is indeed a very nice place. :)

    1. They say its home of the newly wed and nearly dead lol

  2. Very professional job bundling those unmarked 20s, heh. So tidy. Your skills would be a great asset to any drug cartel, lol. Just kidding :P Great responses. Sorry to hear about your experience with Nortel :( Damn, $100K is a lot of money. Thanks for the nomination and kind words :)

    1. Yah I am quite proficient at handling and counting money by hand. I often smirk at the poor skills of bank tellers and currency exchange desks. Yes Damn you Nortel!!!!!!! Was a good lesson to learn at the dot com bubble. 100k was a lot to me back then and it soured me on the stock market for a few years. Oh well Live and learn. Your nom was well deserved Day and Grind On! as you provide great info on your blog!

      Good Day and Grind On!

  3. Loved reading those responses, A-G. Hah....reminds me of a video someone made a few years ago about how ppl count cash in different countries. That is a great job on your desk.
    On the book question - I should get around and read Random walk down wall st....ive had so many ppl recommend it and I still hvaent read it.

    have a great weekend

    1. I am not fond reading books so that why I listen to audio books for the most part. You should hear me butcher kids books during storytime to the kiddies. Dr Suess is some advanced stuff lol.

  4. Hi A-G
    Thanks for the nomination!
    I will think about it. But really, I don't want any duties to that, I need to publish something in a given time, I'm too lazy for that! Sorry for the late reply, vacation time and I was on a short trip.


    1. No worries man. I dont expect replies to it. Its not a serious thing. Only do it if you want to. No pressure. Hopefully you enjoy your vacation!!

  5. Hi AG,

    I appreciate the nomination and am glad I gave you some inspiration. That's one of the reasons I enjoy chronically my trading activity. I have been busy catching up on posts after my trip to Hawai'i so I will "try" to return the favor from this award. I can't make any promises though. I did enjoy your answers to the questions and it's a good way to meet new bloggers.

    Thanks again!

    1. No worries AAI. I really dont expect people to do a liebster follow up. Many view it as a burden kinda. Back to the trading desk to scour over options data!

  6. I get so mad when I think about how they bungled Nortel. Sorry you lost so much. Dr. Seuss books are tongue trippers. I've been reading a lot of them lately to the grandson.

    P.S. I nominated you for a Liebster too, but no worries.

    1. Oh my god u did! totally slipped my mind, sorry! As you were the first! I will make note